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Abstract: ) KM44C1000C KM44C1000CL KM44C1000CSL ICC5 CAS-Before-RAS Refresh Current* (RAS and CAS Cycling @ tRC , , TRc=125/is(L-Ver.) TRC=250/ , GENERAL DESCRIPTION â'¢ Performance range: The Samsung KM44C1000C/CUCSL is a high speed C M O S 1,0 , c e s s o r systems. tRAC tCAC tRC KM44C1000C/CL/CSL-5 50ns 13ns 90ns KM44C1000C/CL/CSL-6 60ns 15ns 110 ns KM44C1000C/CL/CSL-7 70ns 20 ns 130ns KM44C1000C -
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KM44C1OOOC/CL/CSL KM44C1000C/CUCSL KM44C1000C/CL/CSL-5 KM44C1000C/CL/CSL-6 KM44C1000C/CL/CSL-7 KM44C1000C/CL/CSL-8
Abstract: /CL/CSL-7 KM44C1000C/CL/CSL-8 KM44C1000C KM44C1000CL KM44C1000CSL KM44C1000C/CL/CSL-5 KM44C1000C , .) Tftc=250//s(SL-Ver.), T r a s = T r as min~300ns |CC6 KM44C1000CL KM44C1000CSL IC C 7 300 , Performance range: tRAC KM44C1000C/CL7CSL-5 KM44C1000C/CL/CSL-6 KM44C1000C/CL/CSL-7 KM44C1000C/CUCSL-8 50ns 60ns 70ns 80ns tCAC 13ns 15ns 20ns 20ns tnc 90ns 110ns 130ns 150ns The KM44C1000C/CL/CSL features Fast , 's advanced CMOS process. usin g GENERAL DESCRIPTION The Samsung KM44C1000C/CLVCSL is a high speed C M O S -
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KM44C1000CZ KM44C1000C/CL7CSL-5 KM44C1000C/CUCSL-8 KM44C1000C/CL/CSL KM44C1000C/CLVCSL 20-LEAD
Abstract: -7 KM41V4000CL-7 - KM41C4000C-8 KM41C4000CL-8 KM41C4002C-8 KM41V4000C-8 KM41V4000CL-8 KM44C1000C-8 KM44C1000CL-8 KM44C1010C-8 KM44C1002C-8 KM44C1003C-B KM44C1003CL-8 - KM44C1004C-8 KM44C1004CL-8 - KM44V1000C-8 KM44V1000CL-8 KM41C4000CL-6 KM41C4002C-6 - KM41V4000C-6 - KM41V4000CL-6 - KM44C1000C-6 1Mx4 KM44C1000C-5 KM44C1OOOCL-5 KM44C1010C-5 KM44C1002C-5 KM44C1003C-5 KM44C1003CL-5 KM44C1004C-5 KU44C1004CL-5 KM44C1000C-7 KM44C1000CL-7 KM44C1010C-7 - KM44C1002C-7 KM44C1003C-7 KM44C1003CL-7 - KM44C1004C -
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KM44C4000AS KM44C4000aS 6 KM44C4000A-S km44c4100as KM416V256BL KM48V2100AL KM41C4000C-5 KM41C4000CL-5 KM41C4002C-5 KM41C4000C-6 KM41C4000C-7 KM41C4000CL-7
Abstract: . FEATURES · Part Identification - KM44C1000C/CL(5V) - KM44V1000C/CL(3.3V) · Active Power Dissipation , right to change products and specifications without notice. 83 ELECTRONICS KM44C1000C, KM44V1OOOC , /Write Input Data Outputs Enable Power(+5.0V) Power(+3.3V) 84 KM44C1000C, KM44V1000C ABSOLUTE , KM44C1000C, KM44V1OOOC CMOS DRAM DC AND OPERATING CHARACTERISTICS (Recommended operating conditions , -7 -8 Don't care -5 -6 -7 -8 Don't care Don't care Max Units KM44C1000C < < < < E E E E 85 75 65 2 -
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Abstract: . FEATURES â'¢ Fast Page Mode operation » Part Identification - KM44C1000C/CL(5V) - KM44V1000C/CL , change products and specifications without notice. 61 m 7^4142 DD SDl t? bTT KM44C1000C , ELECTRONICS â  7^4142 OOEOl bô S3L, KM44C1000C, KM44V1000C CMOS DRAM ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM , 7^4142 DOEDlbS 47E KM44C1000C, KM44V1OOOC CMOS DRAM DC AND OPERATING CHARACTERISTICS , Units KM44C1000C 60 55 50 85 75 65 55 mA mA mA mA 1 2 mA mA mA mA mA mA -
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Abstract: KM44C1000C, KM44V1OOOC_CMOS DRAM 1M x 4 Bit CMOS Dynamic RAM with Fast Page Mode DESCRIPTION , ^^^^electronics IB 7^142 DGSDlb? bTT This Material Copyrighted By Its Respective Manufacturer KM44C1000C , Respective Manufacturer KM44C1000C, KM44V1000C CMOS DRAM ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS Parameter Symbol Rating , DOEOlfc.^ 47B ELECTRONICS This Material Copyrighted By Its Respective Manufacturer KM44C1000C , noted.) Symbol Power Speed Max Units KM44V1000C KM44C1000C Icci Don't care -5 -6 -7 -8 60 55 50 -
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a9lc samsung 470 uf 50v KM44C1 7TL4142 002D174
Abstract: . FEATURES · Part Identification - KM44C1000C/CL(5V) - KM44V1 OOOC/CL(3.3V) · Fast Page Mode operation · , Enable Power(+5.0V) Power(+3.3V) 62 ELECTRONICS KM44C1000C, KM44V1000C ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS , -8 -5 -6 -7 -8 Don't care -5 -6 -7 -8 Don't care Don't care 60 55 50 1 Max KM44C1000C Units , time tPC. 64 ELECTRONICS KM44C1000C, KM44V1OOOC CAPACITANCE(T a=25°C,V cc=5V or 3.3V, f , 65 ELECTRONICS KM44C1000C, KM44V1000C AC CHARACTERISTICS (0 C -
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Abstract: KM44C1000C, KM44V1000C CMOS DRAM 1 M x 4 B i t CMOS Dynamic RAM with Fast Page Mode , refresh capability â'¢ Part Identification - KM44C1000C/CL(5V) - KM44V1000C/CL(3.3V) â , and specifications without notice. 83 7 c b414c! l QGB31b2 B 'H â  KM44C1000C , ELECTRONICS â  T ^ b M l^ DD2 3 1 b 3 7 2 b â  KM44C1000C, KM44V1000C CMOS DRAM , KM44C1000C 1 0.5 100 iiA IC C 7 IC C s Don't care 60 55 50 L Don't care 200 -
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Abstract: 6 C6 4 7 4M bit KM41V4000C-8 KM41V4000CL-6 - KM44C1000C-5 KM44C1000CL-5 KM44C1000C-6 M KM41V4000CL-7 - KM44C1000C-7 - j KM44C1000CL-7 KM44C1003C-7 - KM44C1003CL-7 KM44C1004C-7 KM44C1004CL-7 j -j KM44C1005C-7 KM44C1005CL-7 j ' ¡ KM41V4000CL-8 KM44C1000CL-6 - KM44C1003C-6 KM44C1003CL-6 I -
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km44c2560 KM48V2104B-6 KM41C1000D-6 KM41C1000D-L6 KM41C1000D-7 KM41C1000D-L7 KM44C256D-7 KM44C256D-L7
Abstract: 5V±10% 60/70/80 Fast Page T:20 Pin TSOP-II (Forward) KM44C1000C# KM44C1000CL# KM44C1003C -
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KM41V4000CL 1mx1 DRAM DIP KM41C1 00D-L 256KX KM44C2 KM44C256D-L KM48C128
Abstract: # KM41V4000CL# 1Mx4 5V±10% KM44C1000C# KM44C1000CL# KM44C1010C# KM44C1002C# KM44C1003C# KM44C1003CL# KM44C1004C -
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KM416C254 KM418C256 KM44C1003 KM44V4100AL KM48C2100AL KM41C1000D KM41C10OOD-L KM44C256D KM41C4000C KM41C4000CL KM41C4002C
Abstract: % KM44C1000C# KM44C1000CL# KM44C1003C# KM44C1003CL# KM44C1004C# K M 44C 1004CL# KM44C1005C# 3.3V±0.3V -
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KM44V16104AK KM48V2104B 44v16104 4M DRAM EDO KM48V2100B KM41C1000D-L KM48C124 KM416C60 KM416C64 KM41V4000C KM44V1000CL
Abstract: .53 KM44C1000C . 1M x4,5V, Fast Page M o d e .61 -
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KM44V1004C KM44C101 KM416V1004A KM416V1204A KM432V502 KM432V522
Abstract: -7 KM41V4000CLL-8 11 ELECTRONICS MEMORY ICs 4 M b it 1Mx4 -i- KM44C1000C-5 - KM44C1000C-6 FUNCTION GUIDE - KM44C1000C-7 - KM44C1OOOC-8 KM44C1OOOCL-5 KM44C1OOOCL-6 KM44C1000CL-7 KM44C1OOOCL-8 KM44C1000CSL-5 KM44C1OOOCSL-6 KM44C1000CSL-7 KM44C1000CSL-8 KM44C1010C-5 KM44C1010C , TSOP-II (Reverse 3.3V±10% KM41V4000C# KM41V4000CL# KM41V4000CLL# 1Mx4 5V+10% KM44C1000C# KM44C1000CL# KM44C1000CSL# KM44C1010C# KM44C1002C# KM44C1003C# KM44C1003CL# KM44C1003CSL# KM44C1004C# KM44C1004CL -
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KM23C1000-20 KM28C64B zip 40pin KM23C8001C KM29N32000 KM41C16000ALL KM41C1000C-6 KM41C1000CL-6 KM41C1000CSL-6 KM44C256C-6 KM44C256CL-6 KM44C256CSL-6
Abstract: # KM41V4000CL# 1Mx4 5V±10% KM44C1000C# KM44C10OOCL# KM44C1003C# KM44C1003CL# KM44C1004C# KM44C1004CL# KM44C1005C -
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44V16 44C40 366F KMM5322204AW KMM5324104BK kmm5364103bk KMM5321200BW/BWG-6 5321200BW/BWG- KMM5361203BW/8 KMM5322200BW/BWG-6 KMM5322100BKU/BKUG-5 MM5361203BW/BWG-7
Abstract: MEMORY ICs 4Mbit- 1M x4 - KM44C1000C-5 FUNCTION GUIDE H KM44C1OOOC-6 KM44C1OOOC -
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KMM5334100 23C1001 km 23c 4000B M23C32000 KMM594000C-7 KMM5362003C KM44C256CL-7 44C256CL-8 41C4000CL-8 KM41C4000CSL-5 KM41C4000CSL-6 KM41C4000CSL-7
Abstract: , PLCC DRAM Pari No. : KM44C1000CJ / KM41C1000CG Revision History Rev. 0.0. : 22 Dec. '93 90 -
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KMM5362000C2/C2G KMM5362000C2
Abstract: device is 1Mx4 DRAM, SOJ and 1Mx1 DRAM, PLCC DRAM Part No. : KM44C1000CJ / KM41C1000CG Revision -
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KMM5361000C KMM5361000C2/C2G KMM5361000C2 KMM5361000C2-8
Abstract: Page mode, SOJ or TSOPII (Forward) . DRAM Part No. : KM 44C1000CJ, KM44C1000CT. 26 ei c r -
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KMM364C120C KMM364C120CJ/CT
Abstract: x 4 Quad CAS DRAM with Fast Page mode, TSOPII.(Forward) or SOJ. DRAM Part No. : KM44C1000CJ, KM44C1000CT. KM44C1003CJ, KM44C1003CT. 50 ci ei» ELECTRONICS -
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KMM372C122CJ/CT KMM372C122C KMM372C122C-5 KMM372C122C-7 DQ0-DQ71
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