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KA2914A Datasheet

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KA2914A N/A Shortform IC and Component Datasheets (Plus Cross Reference Data) Scan
KA2914A N/A Shortform Data and Cross References (Misc Datasheets) Scan
KA2914A Samsung Electronics 15V 1.6W video IF + SIF system Scan


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Abstract: power inverter 115v 400Hz KA2914A/KA2918 LINEAR INTEGRATED CIRCUIT VIDEO IF+SIF SYSTEM The KA2914A, KA2918 are silicon , . KA2914A: tor Reverse AGC type KA2918: for Forward AGC type FUNCTIONS VIF â'¢ Three controlled IF , Operating Temperature KA2914A 24 DIP -20 ~ +65°C KA2918 fig SAMSUNG 221 KA2914A/KA2918 LINEAR , /°C. KA2914A/KA2918 LINEAR INTEGRATED CIRCUIT ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS PIF Section (Ta , Voltage V,5 sw 1 (KA2914A) ov v 2(KA2918) SW2: 2 5.2 5.5 5.8 V 1 AFT DC Output Voltage V13 sl/vTr[KÃ
OCR Scan
KA2153 KA2154 power inverter 115v 400Hz amplifier 115v 400Hz output P15A TP12A electronics component KA2914A/KA2918


Abstract: ks5410 LINEAR ICs D. General Purpose for Video Application VIF+SIF System FUNCTION GUIDE Device KA2913A Package 16 DIP Circuit Function VIF amp, Limiter, Video detector, Video amp, IF AGC, Forward RF AGC, Noise canceller Reverse RF AGC version of KA2913A VIF amp, Limiter, Video detector, Video AFT, IF AGC, Reverse RF AGC, SIF amp, SIF limiter, Sound detector Forward RF AGC version of KA2914A , detector, Limiter amp, Mute, Attenuator, AF amp KA2917 KA2914A 16 DIP 24 DIP KA2918 KA2919 24
OCR Scan
KA8402 KA2185 KS5803A KS5513 ks5410 Attenuator function of video detector KA2922 KA2923 KA2924 KA2186 KA8403


Abstract: KA8403 APPLICATION GUIDE 2.4 Color Television Block Diagram KA2914A (VIF + SIF, REVERSE RF AGC) KA2918 (VIF + SIF
OCR Scan
KA2981 KA2982 KA2990 KA8119 KA2618 KA2184 KA7007 KS56C1610 KSC1393 KSC2755 KSC1394 KSC2756 KSC3120 MPSH24


Abstract: sony cxa1081 Application SAMSUNG KA2913A KA2914A VIF+SIF System KA2917 KA2919 KA2922 KA2923 Qusi-IF KA2924 KA2186 A/V , KA2268 KA22682 - -` TC9012F 4CH A/VSWITCH R.G.B ENCODER t t t t t KA2192 KA2914A
OCR Scan
M51544L KIA7033P NEC PC1701C sony cxa1081 TA7719P M52440ASP CXD1161 KA2201 KA2212 KA386 KA2206 KA22065 KA22066