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Abstract: : CENTRAL HOLE 1.0mm (FOR K36750) K375A /B DC POWER JACK A: CENTRAL PIN 2mm B: CENTRAL PIN 2.5mm -
K372000 K375E K372050 K375G K375J K37212 DC Power Jack 2.5mm DC power jack power jack DC jack SMD K37211
Abstract: Header 3X2, GM S2G20 GM: MLW34G Pulse: J00-0086 GM: K375A MKDS1.5-5.08 or GM: ARK103/2 Header 25X2 -
MLW14G D0805 diode c18 st capacitor 22uF smd 3528 SMD LD3 C38 diode JTAG header 10x2 Connector SMD diode B2 3Pin STEVAL-IFW001V1 P-DT2112C DT2112C BAR43SFILM BAR43S F/500V
Abstract: : K375A Input power, 4.4V-36V DC10B D1 RGBLED LATB_T686 TOPLED D2 RGBLED -
1k resistor 10k resistor- resistor HDR1X2 STM32F103Cx 100nf capacitor STEVAL-ILL015V1 MLW20G HDR2X10 0603LH STP24DP05 STM32F103C
Abstract: K375A connector 15 2 J2, J5 MLW10G 10 pin connector 16 1 J3 BL815G 15 pin -
KPE242 1n4007 smd 1206 1N4148 SMD diode 1N4148 SMD 1N4007 SMD 1N4148 1206 bc337 equivalent SMD STEVAL-IHI001V1 DL1-DL32 L-LTL4231N HD-A552RD 1N4148
Abstract: SMD SMD SMD SMD SMD SMD SMD SMD SMD SMD SMD K375A Coilcraft Coilcraft Coilcraft -
107 10V smd smd S4 smd diode s1 SMD diode U5 smd transistor 24 sot23 smd S4 36 STEVAL-PSQ001V1 F/50V F/10V 7/50V/X7R SM6T39A STPS2L40
Abstract: U1 C1 22uF 8-18V K375A Circuit schematic Figure 1. 1 2 3 Circuit schematic 1 STMicroelectronics
Abstract: 8-18V K375A 1 2 3 R5 6k8 FB 7 6 C3 82nF R2 1k1 C6 100n 00nF C2 470 STMicroelectronics
L78L06 STPS1L30M TS821
Abstract: 2 U4 6 D18 ST:SM6T33A 4 3 SYNC AGND PGND 1 2 1 EN VIN_A 5 4 8 SW 3V3 7 4V5 L1 2u2 FB LF33xDT PW1 4V5 R30 5k6 3 C2 470nF ST1S10 1 C4 47uF Tantal (C,D,E) 10V Vin C6 100nF 3V3 2 Vout C7 2.2uF R32 220 C8 10nF Tantal (A,B) C3 100nF 1 GM: K375A A C1 4u7 Ceramic (C,D,E) 25V D17 BridgeLH MSS7341-332NLB CoilCraft ST1S10 VIN_SW 9 2 1 2 3 4 GND CN5 3 3 STMicroelectronics
CB300D cr d132 st d83 1LD5 LD1 D22 PC14 STM32 D32CCG D22CCG STP24
Abstract: 4.5V 8 7 6 5 C13 10uF C14 100nF 3.3V 1 CONN GM: K375A CN1 8 Schematic STMicroelectronics
STEVAL-ILL061V1 LED1642GW L7981 ID025387 SM2T27A STPS2L30A
Abstract: 0603PS-332KLC 3V3 5-24V CN0 K375A Vin C05 100nF 10V Max.16V C02 220pF C01 10uF -
CM5032 MLS0805-4S4-300 R727 r707 TANTAL 104 tantal e USB1X90A MC-146 LED10 STE100 STE101
Abstract: GM: K375A CN3 HDR2X10 EXTENDED_CON GM: MLW20G LCD1 HDR1X20H Header 20H GM STMicroelectronics
STMicroelectronics datasheet LF33 el1602 STMicroelectronics LF33 of LF33 EL12864H EL12232A UM0375
Abstract: K375A USB5V 2 PW01 VREF VCC SYNC COMP 1 Vin OUT FB Vout LF18xDT PW02 C03 , description Order code CN0 TAP_2.5mm Connector GM: K375A CN2, CN3 2.54mm Connector STMicroelectronics
UM0282 transistor C711 C706 diode 3V3 -ZENER DIODE R719 transistor C710 C711 TRANSISTOR STEVAL-IFD001V1
Abstract: 5-24V CN0 K375A 1 2 3 1A, 40V D01 STPS140A D02 1A, 60V STPS160A Vin 35V Tantal , Connectors Package Detail description Order code CN0 TAP_2.5mm Connector GM: K375A CN2 STMicroelectronics
C709 diode R727 diode R728 diode C712 ST STR912FAW44X6 R721-R725 STEVAL-IFD001V2
Abstract: 100 PC13 1 ST: SM6T33A 5 JRST 1 2 3 GM:K375A D18 CN5 UM0574 Schematics , HDR2X10keyLH CN5 GM: K375A Input power, 4.4 V-36 V DC10B D1 - D16 RGBLED LATB_T686 STMicroelectronics
AM00210 JTAG header 10x2 footprint HEADER 10X2 datasheet STM32Fx103C HEADER2 LF33xDT STM32TM
Abstract: ) 0603PS-332K LC 3.3 V GM: K375A CN5 VIN VIN C61 10 uF C57 10 nF 3.3 V AN 3.3 V -
E-STE101P VN808 IC TX-2 MKDS1.5-5.08 p30 b v 3.3 MLS0805-4S4 MC14618 X2P00 VN340 AI14559
Abstract: D6 1N4007 DO-41 13 1 D7 STPS340U 14 1 J1 K375A connector 15 2 J2 STMicroelectronics
AN2786 STLED316S KPE-242 con10A smd ks4 1N4148 SMD military P-B1720C ST7LITE49M STEVAL-IHI002V1 STMPE1208S
Abstract: 3 2 1 OU T Figure 2. 8-18 V K375A CN1 Description of reference design UM0677 STMicroelectronics
L78L06AC capacitor polarized smd L497X 13844 smd dual diode 1n4148 LED seoul semiconductor
Abstract: supply connector THT (GME) K375A 18 1 J3 3 pin strip header single in line 2.54 STMicroelectronics
VM6101 744778122 8 PIN SMD IC 211 wurth 744 778 122 SMD diode color code SMD CODE N8 UM0419 STEVAL-ILL011V1 ST72F264G2 ST6P8CL596 RS232
Abstract: 47 48 SDA K9 K375A X0AJ 1 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 100 P40/SOT0 P41/SCK0 P42 Fujitsu
ad08 smd P-B1720 PB1720 SCK-086 B15 diode smd ad07 mainboard P10/AD08 P11/AD09 P12/AD10 P13/AD11 P14/AD12 P15/AD13
Abstract: TIM2ETR TIM2CH 2 PC13 PC14 PC15 EXTCLK ST: SM6T18AC GM: K375A CN5 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 STMicroelectronics
rgb led moving message display HDR1X3 brick game diode D83 stm32 spi STP1612 UM0882 STEVAL-ILL028V1 STP1612PW05
Abstract: Assembly instructions CN5 GM: K375A Input power, 4.4 V 36 V CN7 MKDS1.5 - 5.08 or GM , D2 Tantal (A, B) 0603PS-332K LC 3.3 V GM: K375A CN5 VIN VIN C61 10 uF C57 STMicroelectronics
IEEE1588 tantal 3528 D03316P-333 TANTAL 7343 power supply schematic diagram MDC schottky diode ST HDR2X25 UM0499 STR912FA
Abstract: supply connector THT (GME) K375A 18 1 J3 3 pin strip header single in line 2.54 STMicroelectronics
STR912FAW44 L5973AD 5973d W44X6 S340U p45 connector STE101P LF18 ARM966E-STM STEVAL-IFW002V1
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