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Abstract: (tf is reduced by 40%) K2057 ÙÌS.H1/ÉÉE 0 I j S Ì W jR 0 20 40 60 80 Total gate charge Qg , ) Built-in high strengh diode K2057 j i- M O S I I I - 5 -Mosn K2057 ^ M O S lII-5 ff-M O S , L=200 //H .V dd=90V Test circuit Test circuit -1 5 V + , S J1 Id r= 0 - Waveform K2057 Waveform K2057 5 /is/d e v 200ns/div 13 ... OCR Scan

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2SK185 2SK1854 2SK2057 2SK2150 k205 2sk1855 2SK2146 k20s 2SK2236 K2057 2SK1544 2SK1544 abstract
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Abstract: 2SK794 one pulse K2057 Conventional devices @C = 200 pF R=0 10 0 400 800 1200 1600 ... Original

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2SJ464 3D 2SK3626 2SK1120 equivalent 2SK135 transistor 2sk2545 2SK2837 equivalent 2SK1379 2SK2610 equivalent 2sk777 2SK3662 2SK3566 equivalent equivalent 2sk2698 mosfet 2SK2996 equivalent 2SK2312 equivalent BCE0017A BCE0017A abstract
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* Library of magnetic core model parameters * $Revision: 2.1 $ * $Author: HIRASUNA $ * $Date: 11 May 2000 13:26:32 $ * The parameters in this model library were derived from the data sheets for * each core. *- * * The Jiles-Atherton magnetics model is described in: * * Theory of Ferromagnetic Hysteresis, by D C Jiles and D L Atherton, * Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, vol 61 (19
Spice Models 17/06/2000 264.67 Kb LIB magnetic.lib
No abstract text available (ts2pcie2212.pkg)
Texas Instruments 06/08/2011 526.95 Kb ZIP
No abstract text available (ts2pcie2212_stub_1200_d.spi.pkg)
Texas Instruments 06/08/2011 526.95 Kb ZIP

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