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Jamicon capacitor TK 222

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Abstract: RADIAL TYPE TK Wide Temperature Range Series SM TK TM · High temperature 105 C , , the capacitor shall meet the following limits. o Capacitance Change ±25% of initial value for , after 1000 hours the capacitor shall meet the limits for load life characteristics. (with voltage , L+ (max) 15min 5min TK Series Case size :DxL Max ripple current : mA(rms) 105oC , 15000 22000 33000 V(Code) Item 470 101 221 331 471 102 222 332 472 682 103 153 223 ... Original

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ua 471 450V Jamicon CAPACITOR 105 Jamicon capacitor 400 V TK Capacitors jamicon capacitors 3.3 uf CAPACITOR marking code JAMICON jamicon capacitor 2200 tk capacitor 450v 47 tk 2c Jamicon capacitor 10 TK Series Jamicon jamicon capacitors TK datasheet abstract
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