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MOTIONFIRE-MOTORCONTROL-REF Texas Instruments Motionfire Motor Control Reference Design (FireDriver Module)
MULTI-CAL-SYSTEM-STARTER-KIT Texas Instruments Multi-Cal-System Basic Starter Kit
ISL267440IUZ Intersil Corporation 10-Bit 1MSPS SAR ADCs; MSOP8, SOT8; Temp Range: -40° to 85°C
ISL89162FRTAZ Intersil Corporation High Speed, Dual Channel, 6A, 4.5 to 16VOUT, Power MOSFET Driver; DFN8, SOIC8; Temp Range: -40° to 125°C
ISL62773HRZ Intersil Corporation Multiphase PWM Regulator for AMD Fusion™ Desktop CPUs Using SVI 2.0; QFN48; Temp Range: See Datasheet
ISLA222P20IRZ Intersil Corporation Dual 12-Bit, 200MSPS ADC; QFN72; Temp Range: -40° to 85°C

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Intelligent Motion Systems, inc.

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Abstract: T TM intelligent motion systems, inc. Excellence in MotionTM IM2000S HIGH PERFORMANCE , improve reliability, function or design. Intelligent Motion Systems, Inc., does not assume any liability , Intelligent Motion Systems, Inc. TM Intelligent Motion Systems, Inc.'s general policy does not recommend , conditions of sales, the user of Intelligent Motion Systems, Inc., products in life support or aircraft applications assumes all risks of such use and indemnifies Intelligent Motion Systems, Inc., against all Intelligent Motion Systems
IR8200B microstepping L6203 SGS L6203 sine cosine l298 MICROSTEP l298 IR8200 D-78054
Abstract: -300 HC offers 460V, 40hp to 800hp and 40hp to 600hp. Intelligent Motion Systems Inc. (www.imshome.com , ratings of 1.25A, 2.5A and 5A (rms) continous; step-direction and ±10V Intelligent Motion System , Electric (www.schneiderelectric.com) acquired Danish motion control companies Hano Elektroteknik A/S and , motion controller by Baldor Electric. EDN POWER1 SUPPLEMENT · FEBRUARY 2003 ASI Robicon's Silcovert , VLT 2800 Series with the addition of the VLT2880 for The future of motion control is Siemen's HTS -
5.5KW SIEMENS motor silcovert vlt 2800 yaskawa inverter 3.7KW SIEMENS motor toshiba electric motor 90kW
Abstract: Digital Signal Processor Driving Intelligent Video Solutions with MSC8144 Embedded Intelligent , Motion Tracking The VE250 is the first VE-series video analytics algorithm to be ported to Freescale's MSC8144 DSP. The VE250 is capable of robust motion tracking in both indoor and outdoor environments and , Performance at 4 GHz industry-leading intelligent video solutions. StarCore StarCore StarCore , Open-IP Surveillance Intelligent Embedded Open-IP System transcoders, HD smart cameras, analytics Freescale Semiconductor
SC3400 analytics surveillance system diagram video transcoder VE250--Z 2005--O TDM--2048 MSC8114AIMCOFS
Abstract: intelligent processing of that information to occur while in motion. Unique to DIT and differentiating it , in motion. Mobile E-Commerce Agent System MECA is a system of intelligent agents that cooperate , in motion toward destinations. Intelligent software and agent technology Voice user interface , information while in motion. The Mobile E-Commerce Agent (MECA) System Concept We are , granular, autonomous, and intelligent. From laptops to portable phones to hand-held devices to Nortel Networks
Abstract: MMA955xL motion- MMA955xL Xtrinsic Intelligent Motion-Sensing Platform Family sensing platform which , Sensors MMA955xL Xtrinsic Intelligent Motion-Sensing Platforms Typical Applications Programmable Intelligence in Motion â'¢ Pedometers Step count Distance â'¢ Gaming and toys , Xtrinsic intelligent motion-sensing state-machine-based accelerometers. The platform is an industry , . pedometer functionality and activity monitoring. MMA955xL Xtrinsic Intelligent Motion-Sensing Platform Freescale Semiconductor
Abstract: Controller Area Network and advanced motion control capabilities. The high-frequency Stellaris-based PWM , tools from our tools partners. motion reference design kits Brushed DC Motor Control with CAN , © 2008 Luminary Micro, Inc. All rights reserved. 28 | Luminary Micro's Stellaris® Intelligent , controllers and security systems, intelligent white goods and home appliances, thin clients, and factory , and Stellaris® Peripheral Driver Library connected reference design kits Intelligent Display -
rs-555ph Mabuchi Motor Mabuchi RS-555PH-5255 RS-555PH-5255 rs555ph mabuchi LM3S2616 RDK-IDM-L35 MDL-IDM-L35 LM3S1958 MDL-IDM-L35-B
Abstract: display, having several buttons to control configuration and a wire connection to an inductive motion sensor. The functionality is based on a counter assigned the task to count impulses from the motion , transducer with analog output, or through the SCI port, for the digital sensor. B) An intelligent data , addition ­ the wireless RF connection of the motion sensor. Because Motorola is a leader in the wireless , motion sensor, such as Tango / Romeo modules. Technical Support: www.motorola.com/semiconductors Motorola
DSP56F80X motion sensor motorola tango"" BR1562/D 56F80 DSP56F80
Abstract: Sensors MMA9550L Intelligent motion sensing platform Programmable Intelligence in Motion Freescale's MMA9550L is the industry's first intelligent, high-precision motion sensing platform that , MMA9550L motion sensing platform which operates with a unique slave port that is configurable as either , Incorporates several functions such as tap, shake and motion as well as other external sensor inputs to signal , be used for power savings since an inertial event can signify motion data is available. The FIFO Freescale Semiconductor
AN4121 AN4124 AN4125 AN4126 AN4127 AN4128 laptops ics and their various functions pedometer traffic detection sensor AN4122 AN4123
Abstract: Intelligent Sensor Applications .18 Powerful, award-winning CodeWarriorTM Integrated Development , enables the reliable and flexible networking of processors and intelligent devices at speeds up to 1Mbps , power pollution to the power grid · Intelligent mode management and fault supervision · , · Higher reliability · Lighter and smaller systems · More intelligent systems , controllers also have the signal processing power required by advanced motion algorithms, the MCU capability Motorola
DSP BASED ONLINE UPS design 912dg128 HC908Qt1 HC908QY1 9S12DG256 ups over smps advantages 56F8300 56F800 WP5683
Abstract: Guide for non-volatile memory and program command instructions. The IBC-400 intelligent step motion , .2 Intelligent Control , AMS' new intelligent serial adapter (SIN-11), total power consumption is still less than 75mA , /Accel-Decel Intelligent Control The IBC-400 has two integrated processors, a master CPU and an (optional , motion in CW direction Stop motion in CCW direction User input port User input port User input port Advanced Micro Systems
SMO-40 Encoder CONTROLLERS SCHEMATIC rotary encoder schematic incremental encoder Texas radar position control servo motor 273-1667 Radio Shack 273-1667 21-2661-0B IBC400 NV2048 ISP76 SIN11
Abstract: The Five Motion Senses: Using MEMS Inertial Sensing to Transform Applications Though MEMS , each of the five modes of motion sensing vastly expands the options beyond todayâ'™s high volume MEMS , set to transform an incredibly diverse scope of end products though the five types of motion sensing. Introduction to Motion Sensing and MEMS Acceleration Vibration Shock Tilt Rotation , these motion senses as variations on acceleration/deceleration. Considering each mode separately helps Analog Devices
Abstract: features of the MFB-1 plus a plug-in interface for AMS intelligent motor controller/driver cards, DCB , inputs of 5 to 30 volts. The DCB-25 has a full set of microcomputer motion control functions, NV , position counter and limit switch functions. The DCB-26 combination is a complete intelligent control , performance and, like the DCB-25, a full set of motion control commands, NV memory and I.O. ports. · 3 , and the direction signal is held either high or low. FEATURES (MFB-2) · Complete intelligent Advanced Micro Systems
BLC-47 step motor analog SPEED controller 100khz VCO joystick pot MFB-1 joystick rs232 driver 6 pin joystick 100KH DCB25 DCB-25/DCB-26 RS-232
Abstract: Sensing Solutions Freescale's MMA9550L is the industry's first intelligent, high-precision motion , Xtrinsic Sensing Solutions Intelligent contextual sensing www.freescale.com/sensors A New , sensor innovation. Globally, we have delivered more than 1 billion micro- Dimensions of Intelligent , our customers' Intelligent integration: development of smarter and more power · The right , building blocks to era of sensing experience involves intelligent solve use case needs efficiently Freescale Semiconductor
TPMS MEMS BASED PRESSURE SENSORS MEMS blood pressure sensor MMA9550L Pedometer Applications MEMS "capacitive pressure sensor" TPMS transceiver crash sensor working principle
Abstract: Intelligent Palletizing Robot FEATURES Application systems Boxes palletizing M-410iB series are the intelligent palletizing robots which contribute for robotalization of palletizing system , intelligent function of iRVision and ROBOGUIDE.(option) - Detection of height of workpieces. - , a received pallet. - Easy to create a palletizing program. - Motion optimization of a program. M , functions. Bags palletizing Operating space Motion range of wrist face plate center FANUC
FANUC FANUC m410ib fanuc controller FANUC r-30ia robot controller Fanuc motor fanuc controller r-30iA M-410 B/140H B/160 B/300 B/450 B/700
Abstract: Camera Interface Application Kit Rabbit-based Photo & Motion Event Capture Key Features · , motion sensor · Sample programs demonstrate event-capture options using motion detection, I/O input , A RabbitCore module acts as an HTTP and FTP server, as well as the intelligent device popular , interface allows you to control the camera movement using servo motors, and an infrared motion sensor is , allow for notifications via email or send the logged pan-and-tilt motion, an infrared motion -
infrared based security alarm passive infrared sensor infrared based security system IR Motion sensor VGA camera vga camera module 10/100B RCM3365 RJ-45
Abstract: requiring significant control processing and connectivity capabilities, including motion control , general-purpose real-time systems, the Stellaris family offers distinct solutions for advanced motion control and , these applications including connected motion control and hard real-time networking. Welcome to the , Sophisticated motion control support in hardware and software · Both analog comparators and ADC functionality , Instruments Incorporated 32ch DMA 3 2 I2C EPI I2S MOTION CONTROL 32 Precision oscillator Texas Instruments
mabuchi rs-555ph-3255 LQFP-48 footprint LM3S3748 washing machine bosch circuit diagram selni motor wiring LM3S100 E093008 SLAB054A
Abstract: current loop, velocity loop, and commutation, for brushless DC motors. This intelligent single-axis , closes the loop and determines the motor command. To create a complete motion controller, the MC73110 , , PMDCommutationModeSinusoidal); PMDâ'™s DK73110 Developerâ'™s Kit is a complete, integrated intelligent amplifier that , loop, and profile generation. The DK73110 can be used to prototype your motion hardware, develop your , ); plete functioning motion system, only a 3-phase brushless motor is required. The kit also includes PMDâ Performance Motion Devices
Analog Devices Motor Control RS232/485 MC73110DS-1
Abstract: intelligent battery pack USB 2.0 connector PXS series of power supplies High-power TVS diodes CeeLok FAS-T , STMicroelectronics Cree Inc. Cellergy Murata Americas MicroPower Direct Haydon Kirk Motion Systems Osram Opto , Sources Power Sources Motors & Motion Control Products LEDs Power Sources Sensors Interconnects , supplies 15208A/25208A/35208A digital accelerometers DDR4 DIMM sockets Intelligent fan trays DH50 Conec
BNO055 E200E DCM4826X IWAS-3827EC-50 T24-WSS SBS75 A1250
Abstract: , and commutation, for brushless DC motors. This intelligent single-axis drive controller operates in , command. To create a complete motion controller, the MC73110 is connected to a MOSFET or IGBT-based , Developer's Kit is a complete, integrated intelligent amplifier that utilizes the MC73110 Motor Control IC , can be used to prototype your motion hardware, develop your application code, or measure system performance. To create a complete functioning motion system, only a 3-phase brushless motor is required. The Performance Motion Devices
3 phase pwm signal generator ic single phase sinusoidal PWM generator 64 PIN PROCESSOR IC USING MOTOR DRIVE pwm c code 3phase quadrature encoder ic motor power window hall sensor
Abstract: · Motion and edge adaptive deinterlacing which includes directional interpolation to eliminate jaggy , . Sigma Designs, VXP, CopperGate, Secure Media Processor, CoAir, NeoVue, Intelligent Array Radio, TUSCAN , and PC graphics formats ·Supports active raster size up to 2048x2048 ·High quality motion and , 3D Noise Reduction Motion Adaptive Deinterlacer Shrink / Zoom Scaler Frame Sync , Removal, Picture Level Control Mosquito Noise Reduction 3D Noise Reduction Motion Adaptive Sigma Designs
KDX381 gf9450 30-bit 2048x2048 picture-in-picture motion interpolation GF9450
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