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INTEL DX2 Datasheet

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INTEL DX2 Intel Embedded Inteldx2 Processor Original


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Abstract: DX4 in the Low Cost (PDH-208) Package vs. the Standard SQFP (PDE-208), and Intel's DX2 and DX4 in the , (Standard SQFP) DE2 (Low Cost SQFP) DX2 (Industrial SQFP) DX2 (Standard SQFP) DX2 (Low Cost SQFP) Intel , Packages vs. Intel DX2 SQFP 50.0 46.6 DX5 (Standard SQFP) DX4 (Industrial SQFP) DX4 (Standard , 16.5 14.0 12.0 10.5 9.5 Intel 80486 DX2 Note 2. Note 2. Typ. Max. Max. Typ. Max , 28 on page 45 in the Intel DX2 data sheet (Oct. 1995) lists Max. Ambient of 51 degrees for the 208 Advanced Micro Devices
amd 486 INTEL 486 DX5 intel 486 dx4 INTEL DX4 intel 80486 DX4 INTEL 80486 DX2 486DX2 208-SQFP 486DX 208-L
Abstract: Intel DX2 or better is recommended.) RAM 16 MB of RAM is recommended. Disk At least 7 MB of , PC-98 Series is produced by NEC Corporation. i386 and Intel DX2 are trademarks of Intel Corporation Fujitsu
nec 16f 16F NEC V01L03 C907A F2MC-16 F2MC-16L F2MC-16L/16/16H/16F MB90600/MB90700/MB90700H/MB90200 MAN907 PC9821 V02L02 V02L01
Abstract: cycle, the embedded Intel DX2 processor floats its bus signals, then restarts the cycle when the bus , with the 8087, Intel287TM, Intei387TM coprocessors, and Intel OverDrivef® processor. · On-Chip Cache , Intel architecture. Projects can be completed quickly by utilizing the wide range of software tools , embedded lntelDX2 processor is binary compat ible with the Intel386TM and earlier Intel processors , and instruction prefetches. Intel's SL technology is incorporated in the embedded lntelDX2 processor -
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ieee embedded system projects intel 8087 instruction set intel sqfp 486TM 287TM 387TM SB80486DX2SC50 A80486DX2SA66 168-P
Abstract: (IBM-PC/AT or 100% compatible machine), larger than 16MB main memory, with CPU of i486 or higher (Intel DX2 or better is recommended). · Support OS Windows3.1, Windows95, and WindowsNT3.51 * Screen of , Converts the load module to Motorola S and Intel hexadecimal format (7) Making executable assembly list -
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MB90P263 SP3306 LIB902 QFP-120 motorola SQFP100 intel PMC-16 16LX/16F 95/NT3 LOS/907 1/95/NT3 MB2140A
Abstract: bus hold. 2-15 intel Intel486â"¢ DX2 MICROPROCESSOR QUICK PIN REFERENCE (Continued) Symbol , in te i Intel486â"¢ DX2 MICROPROCESSOR IEEE 1149.1 Boundary Scan Compatibility Binary , Package â'" Pin Compatible with lntel486TM DX Microprocessor The Intel486 DX2 CPU offers the highest , breakpoint traps on code execution and data accesses. In t e l 486â"¢ DX2 Microprocessor Pipelined 32 , 2 4 1 2 4 5 -1 2-2 November 1993 Order Number: 241245-004 Intel486â"¢ DX2 MICROPROCESSOR -
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82350DT EISA Chip Set Design Guide
Abstract: Considerations for the Intel486â"¢ DX2 Microprocessor TAUFIK T. MA INTEL TECHNICAL MARKETING © INTEL CORPORATION, 1992 Order Number: 241261-001 Intel Corporation makes no warranty for the use of its products , State Write for the lntel486TM DX2 CPU 12 intel AP.469 PG&OGMÃ"OW Finally, longer code prefetch , commitment to update the information contained herein. Intel retains the right to make changes to these , before placing your order. The following are trademarks of Intel Corporation and may only be used to -
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i486 DX2 Pioneer sa 520 manual INTEL I486 DX2 intel 8282 INTEL AP- STR 6756 AP-469 PR0750 RMX/80
Abstract: Intel486 TM DX2 MICROPROCESSOR SmartDie TM Product Specification SL-Technology for Energy Efficiency Intel's System Management Mode Stop Clock Auto HALT and Auto Idle Power Down Easy to Use , -Bit Architecture Multiprocessor Support Cache Consistency Protocols Support for Second-Level Cache Intel , subject to change without notice Verify with your local Intel Sales Office that you have the latest , provided in connection with Intel products Intel assumes no liability whatsoever including infringement of Intel
b1344 8b123 b774 equivalent transistor B1202 B555 architecture of 80486 microprocessor
Abstract: comer of the GEL-PAK. An Intel internal manufacturing name " 80G4C" appears on 80486 DX2 3.3V die. Figure 1. ln te l486TM DX2 Microprocessor Die/Bond Pad Layout Intel486TM DX2 MICROPROCESSOR intel , 366 508 651 793 936 1078 1221 1363 1506 Intel486TM DX2 MICROPROCESSOR intel Pad Center (Mils = , intei SmartDie TM Product Specification SL-Technology for Energy Efficiency - Intel's System , Intel486TM DX2 MICROPROCESSOR IEEE 1149.1 Boundary Scan Compatibility High-Performance Design - 40/50 MHz -
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INTEL 80486 DX2 architecture 242202 INTEL 2186 SmartDie te 555-3 386TM
Abstract: following devices: SGS-THOMSON ST486 DX2 CYRIX Cx486 DX2 SGS-THOMSON ST486 DX2V SGS-THOMSON ST486 DX4V SGS-THOMSON ST5x86 CYRIX Cx5x86 INTEL i486 DX2 SL & WB Enhanced INTEL i486 DX4 AMD AM486 DX2 (Future SL & , yes 0.5x, 1x, 2x, 3x yes Intel i486DX/DX2 SL & WB Enh. 5V yes yes no yes , , Intel 486DX/DX2 SL & WB Enh., IntelDX4, Future AM486DX4 WB Enh. Important Notes relative to figure , Intel 486 PGA devices and specifies electrical connections that allow a single motherboard design to STMicroelectronics
I486dx Cyrix 486 dx2 intel i486dx cx5x86 486DX intel 486DX2-66 ST486DX2V AM486DX2
Abstract: 1 t.fi 17 fl2 3 ITL1 INTEL CORP Intel486â"¢ DX2 MICROPROCESSOR in te i. D 1 , bus hold. 2-15 INTEL CORP (U P/ PR PH LS ) b7E ] > Intel486â"¢ DX2 MICROPROCESSOR â , INTEL CORP int^l (U P/P R PH LS ) h?E D â  4û 2b l? 5 DlE ? lb l IP lfä iy G ü ilQ IM à W Intel486â"¢ DX2 MICROPROCESSOR Binary Compatible with Large Software Base -M S -D , Cache â'" Floating Point Unit â'" Paged, Virtual Memory Management The Intel486 DX2 CPU offers the -
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bts 2140 1b D1273 Q1273
Abstract: (25 MHz Max.), and 66 MHz Write-Back Enhanced DX2 (33 MHz Max.). Please refer to the Intel World , document is provided in connection with Intel products. No license, express or implied, by estoppel or otherwise, to any intellectual property rights is granted by this document. Except as provided in Intel's Terms and Conditions of Sale for such products, Intel assumes no liability whatsoever, and Intel disclaims any express or implied warranty, relating to sale and/or use of Intel products including Intel
INTEL486 28F008S3 28F008SC AD312 INTEL486 ordering information Intel486TM PROCESSOR FAMILY CG-041493 16-MBIT 28F016SC/S3-120 28F008SC/S3-120 28F016SC/S5-95 28F008SC/S5-85
Abstract: capability of Intel's future OverDriveâ"¢ processor for the Intel486 DX2 CPU. The high performance memory , INTEL CORP (UP/PRPHLS) bäE » â  4flEbl75 23T â  ITL1 82420 PCIset Intelâ'™s , performance is now possible for today's Intel486 CPU desktop systems. The Intel 82420 PCIset is comprised of , /slave agent which bridges the core architecture to the ISA standard expansion bus. Intel also offers , 1486â"¢ DX2 1486â"¢ DX/SX [cache SRAM 64KB -512KB OverDnYd CPU/HOST Bus -
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82424ZX 290467 82420 intel 82423 82423ZX 82424 82374EB 82375EB 82378IB 82338ZB 82378ZB Q1317SQ
Abstract: PCI. Intel486 SX, Intel486 DX, Intel486 DX2, and OverDrive are trademarks of Intel Corporation , intei Ã'®WÃ'K1©1 DMF©^(Ã"Ã"lÃ"fB K @1 INTEL 82420 PCI CHIP SET Highly Integrated â , 4-1-2-1 DRAM Accesses I High Flexibility â'" Supports Intel486â"¢ SX, Intel486â"¢ DX, Intel486â"¢ DX2 , processor for the Intel486 DX2 with WriteBack or Write-Through caching capability. The Cache DRAM , across Saturn and future Intel PCI chip sets. The S10 integrates the functionality of an ISA controller -
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82423TX 82424tx 82424TX 512KB 2M-128M
Abstract: format The data at addresses 0 to 0xFFFFFFFF are to be converted. - [Intel extended hex format] box Converts linker output absolute-format load module to Intel extended hex format The data at addresses 0 Fujitsu
dialogue softune
Abstract: converter output. Select either one and check its button. Intel format - Generates outputs in Intel Fujitsu
cascade transistor aplication FFMC16
Abstract: Intel's future OverDriveTM processor for the Intel486 DX2 CPU. The high performance memory subsystem , 82420 PCIset Intel's 82420 PCIset enables workstation level of performance for lntel486TM CPU , new level of performance is now possible for today's Intel486 CPU desktop systems. The Intel 82420 , expansion bus. Intel also offers two components, the 82374EB (ESC) and 82375EB (PCEB), that work in , ''1 i486' " DX2 i486TM DX/SX O verD riveTM C ache S ñ A M ,64K B -5 1 2 K B ; CPU/HOST Bus 82424 CDC -
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Intel 82420 29046 82378 208-P 82378ZB--S 82423TX--D 160-P
Abstract: intel MIX BASEBOARDS MIX 486/DX66, 486/DX33, AND 486/SX33 BASEBOARDS The Intel Modular , baseboards is compatible with and has greater performance than previous Intel MIX baseboard families , available with Intel486 DX2, This means you can create powerful DX, and SX CPUs operating at 66 MHz and , running at 33 configurations of 2, 4,8,16, and 32 MB are MHz or an Intel486 DX2 running at 66 MHz , processing ADMA channels can access memory on any power from an Intel486 DX2 microprocessor MIX module by -
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MIX486DX66 INTEL 486 dx2 DX-66 486 DX33 82c258 8259 intel microcontroller architecture 128KB 486/020A 82C258 87C51 82C54
Abstract: [MíñilG=§[¡=D Application ASIC & other low voltage circuits PC CardTM Card and socket applictions 486 Class Processors lntelDX4TM; AMD Am486® DX2/DX4; Cyrix Cx486DX/DX2 TM PowerPC1* 3.3 V from 12V supply PentiumTM Class Processors Intel PentiumTM Processor Cyrix M1 AMD K5 RISC Processors DEC AlphaTM Dual Processors Dual PentiumTM or RISC processors Future processors 3.3V & below. Package 5V to 3V , registered trademark of Semtech Corporation intelDX4 and Pentium are registered trademarks of Intel -
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T0263 cyrix DX2 T0-220 processor amd k5 cyrix cx486dx Cyrix 486 486DX/DX2 EZ55Z3L EZ1086 EZ1085 T0220
Abstract: supports Intel386TM and Intel486TM microprocessors including the SL Enhanced versions (DX, SX, DX2, SX2 , speeds to 33 MHz and a second personality module supports DX2 and SX2 processors to 66 MHz. The KSE5 , edit, compile and debug functions simultaneously. This software package is combined with Intel , most popular compilers including Intel C and PL/M, Microtec Research C, DDC-I Ada, Alsys Ada , Appendix B. Intel Intel
SQFP208 Emulator 8086 intel microsoft kse5 PQFP196
Abstract: DX2 CPU operating at 66 MHz MIX486DX33 MIXbaseboard with Intel486 DX CPU operating at 33 MHz , WIDE SERVICE AND SUPPORT Should your MIX or any Intel board ever need service, Intel maintains a world , applications requiring customization of our products, the Intel Systems Group is available to modify, integrate and test Intel boards and system components to your requirements. INTEL QUALITY-YOUR GUARANTEE All MULTIBUS II I/O products are designed and manufactured to meet Intel's high quality standards -
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MIX560 MIX486 MIX486SX33 MIX450 MIX420 MIXSC10 SBC186410
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