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HGTG11N120CN Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation 43A, 1200V, NPT Series N-Channel IGBT, TO-247,MOLDED,3 LEAD,JEDEC VARIATION AB, 300/RAIL ri Buy
HGT1S20N60C3S9A Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation 45A, 600V, UFS Series N-Channel IGBT, 2LD,TO263, SURFACE MOUNT, 800/TAPE REEL ri Buy
FGA25N120FTD Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation TRANSISTOR,IGBT,N-CHAN+DIODE,1.2KV V(BR)CES,50A I(C),TO-247VAR ri Buy

IGBT D-Series

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Abstract: SCSOA NPT IGBT D-Series Contents IGBT VCES IC max VCE(sat) TO-263 max , ® IXDN 55N120 55N120 ® IXDN 75N120 75N120 B4 - 6 B4 - 10 B4 - 14 B4 - 18 B4 - 22 ® New product IGBT with , High Voltage IGBT with optional Diode High Speed, Low Saturation Voltage C C G TO-220 AB , , VCE = 400 V, TJ = 125°C RG = 100 , non repetitive 10 µs PC TC = 25°C q q NPT IGBT , IC90 G = Gate, C = Collector , q q q q q q q Advantages q q IGBT Diode 140 ... Original

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20N120 68w 65 75N120 E153432 35N60 ixys ixdh 20n120 IXDH20N120AU1 55N120 20N60B 30N120 20n60 IGBT D-Series STO-227 ixdn75n120 diode B4 datasheet abstract
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Abstract: OIXYS SCSOA IGBTS-Series / D-Series Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors (IGBT) IGBT with Fast Diode Short Circuit Current Rated ... OCR Scan

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Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors datasheet abstract
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Abstract: MOSFETs. Advantages to the user: · rugged, short-circuit-proof device (S-series, D-series and E-series) · , Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors (IGBT) The IGBT is a combination of bipolar and MOS , switching losses · compact equipment design · high efficiency The IGBT is suitable for numerous applications , utilize newly developed IGBT chips capable of withstanding up to 10 us in short-circuit, even with a 15 , reverse recovery charge (Qrr). These same diodes are also available as separate elements for use in IGBT ... OCR Scan

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diode 12A3 datasheet abstract
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Abstract: B1 - 2 © 1998 IXYS All rights reserved XYS IGBT with Fast Diode VC 6S V 600 SCSOAIGBT S-Serles / D-Series Contents 'c Tc = 25 "C A 20 48 50 90 V CEfsal) max Tc=25°C V 3.0 2.2 2.5 2.5 , XYS IGBT v C ES max V 600 T0-220 T0-220 V * CEIsatl (IXGP) max Tc = 25 °C Tc = 25 "C c A 16 16 48 50 75 ® V 1.8 1.8 2.2 2.5 2.5 3.5 2.7 3.0 2.7 3.0 3.0 2.5 3.0 4.0 3.5 | 4.0 SCSOAIGBT S-Serles / D-Sertee Contents TO-263 (IXGA) TO-247 . TO-247 SMD/.S* T0-204 T0-204 miniBLOC Page * B1-8 B1-8 IXSH ... OCR Scan

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B156 80n60a B126 B112 B1114 35N120AU1 55N120AU1 30N60A IXYS 30N60 B156 diode B1106 B1116 B1112 B1108 D 50N60B T0-220 T0-220 abstract
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Abstract: , short-circuit-proof device (S-series, D-series and E-series) ·operation without protective snubber networks , IGBT & Rectifier Modules M A Y 2 0 0 7 Selector Guide incl.: Product Overview Tables , MOSFET Discreets RF Power MOSFETs IGBT Discreets >>> IGBT Modules Ultra Fast Rectifiers Silicon , E D R I V E R S MOSFET and IGBT Gate Drivers RF Power MOSFETs PWM Controllers FUNCTIONAL , IGBT Product Overview I II III IV IV V IXYS IGBTs Insulated Gate Bipolar ... Original

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10KV SiC 200-06A8 MUBW 30-12E6K MITA15WB1200TMH dp 630 ixys how to switch IGBT ssr snubber IGCT 28-kV 72-16no1 30-12E6K 75-17T8 ixys vuo 52 input id IGCT 4.5kv IGBT D-Series datasheet abstract
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Abstract: EconoPACKTM + 2.10 EconoPACKTM + D-Series 2.11 EconoDUALTM2.12 Outlines2.14 Package Units 2.21 Links2.22 IGBT , Modules EconoPACKTM + D-Series 1200 VCES Type VCES V IC A VCEsat V Tvj= 25°C typ. 225 300 450 1,75 1,75 , , on our website, these links are active. IGBT High Power Wir bieten , vehicles), power supplies, welding applications, to medical equipment. IGBT Medium Power Das, was , manufacturing. IGBT Low Power Hochleistungshalbleiter für Ihre Industrieanwendungen High power ... Original

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eupec thyristor testing method FS450R17OE4P FS500R17OE4D F4-50R07W2H3 fp150r07n3e4 Eupec thyristors catalog Dz800S17ke3 FF150R12RT4 bt 1690 scr F3L300R12PT4 F3L400R12PT4 FS450R12OE4P FS300R12OE4P datasheet abstract
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Abstract: Computing Q2SD DAB DAB - RF Power MOS FET Intelligent MOS FET IGBT - 4 5 6 8 10 11 12 14 15 , W h y c h oose SuperH CPU H it ac h i ? Debug I/F IGBT Serial I/F Po w e r t r ai , Flashmemory · Leading technology, excellent battery products, clear roadmap IGBT FPU IGBT IGBT , structure and are generally Capability known as D-Series. c omm itm e n t Now Hitachi introduces , e m s Hitachi has developed IGBT technology S pecif ication for several years to meet the ... Original

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automotive epas circuit TO3P package dab transmitter gearbox continental H8/539F haf2006 Hitachi DSA00197 hd video downconverter hitachi sh4 nissei capacitors Hitachi audio mosfet application hitachi mosfet audio SH7055F datasheet abstract
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Abstract: SCSOA IGBT S-Series / D-Series Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors (IGBT) IGBT with Fast Diode Short Circuit Current Rated SCSOA IGBT S-Series Contents IGBT VCES max V TO-220 (IXSP , © 1999 IXYS All rights reserved B1 - 2 © 1999 IXYS All rights reserved SCSOA IGBT S-Series Contents IGBT with Fast Diode VCES IC VCE(sat) max TC = 25 °C V TO-247 (IXSH , IGBT with Diode "S" Series Improved SCSOA Capability Symbol Test Conditions Maximum Ratings ... Original

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25N120 mos 30N60 24N60 igbt equivalent to 40n60 igbt 30N60 30n60* 227 ixsh24n60au1 mj 340 16N60 80n60 ixsn 35N120U1 30n60 equivalent 30n60 to-220 40n60 equivalent datasheet abstract
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*- * Library of insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) model parameters * * The parameters in
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