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QB-128GF-YQ-01T Renesas Electronics Corporation ICE CONNECTOR, 128GF visit Digikey Buy
AT91SAM-ICE Atmel Corporation JTAG ICE INTERFACE(ARM) visit Digikey Buy
AC244027 Microchip Technology Inc EXTENSION PAK PIC16LF727-ICE visit Digikey Buy
AC244048 Microchip Technology Inc KIT PIC16LF1907-ICE EXTENSION visit Digikey Buy
AC244053 Microchip Technology Inc EXTENSION PAK PIC16F1459-ICE visit Digikey Buy
Z8FMC161000ZEM Zilog Inc EMULATOR ICE FOR Z8FMC16100 visit Digikey Buy

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Part : ICE2A365 Supplier : Infineon Technologies Manufacturer : Newark element14 Stock : - Best Price : - Price Each : -
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ICE 2A365 Datasheet

Part Manufacturer Description PDF Type
ICE 2A365 Infineon Technologies Second Generation Integrated Power ICs with Enhanced Protection Features and Low Standby Original
ICE2A365 Infineon Technologies PMIC - AC DC Converters, Offline Switchers, Integrated Circuits (ICs), IC OFFLINE CTRLR SMPS CM 8DIP Original
ICE2A365 Infineon Technologies Integrated off-line current mode controller, max. Pout = 49W (VACin 85V...265V), Vbreakdown = 650V Original
ICE2A365 Infineon Technologies CoolSET F2; Package: PG-DIP-8; Package: DIP-8; V<sub>DS</sub> (max): 650.0 V; I<sub>D </sub> (max): 3.0 A; R<sub>DS (on)</sub> (typ): 0.45 Ohm; P<sub>tot </sub> (max): -; Original
ICE2A365 Infineon Technologies Current Mode PWM, 27uA Start-up Supply Current, DIP Original

ICE 2A365

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Abstract: ICE 2A165 20 W 650 V 2A 3.0 W DIP8 EVAL10/20 ICE 2A165 20 W 650 V 1A 3.0 W DIP8 - ICE 2A180 20 W 800 V 1A 3.0 W DIP8 - ICE 2A265 30 W 650 V 2A 0.9 W DIP8 - ICE 2A280 35 W 800 V 2A 0.8 W DIP8 - ICE 2A365 45 W
Infineon Technologies
ICE 2A165 ICE 2A165 EQUIVALENT ICE 2A265 IC 2a265 CE 2a265 tda 1040 B112-H7832-X-X-7600 DK-2750

BCM 4336

Abstract: 2A0565 that powers the CoolSET ICE 2AXXX. The resistors R6 and R7 charge the VCC Cap and supply the chip , 2A265 DIP8 38W 2A365 DIP8 2A180 DIP8 2A280 DIP8 Heatsink Heatsink
Infineon Technologies
BCM 4336 2A0565 C2335 2A280Z C1740 bipolar transistor transistor A1267 B192-H6780-G9-X-7600 D-81669 7272GV50 7274DV50 7274GV50 7276DV50

PEF 24628

Abstract: PSB 21493 creates a bias voltage that powers the CoolSETä ICE 2AXXX. The resistors R6 and R7 charge the VCC Cap and , DIP8 28W 34W 2A265 DIP8 38W 2A365 DIP8 43W 2A180 DIP8 2A280 DIP8
Infineon Technologies
PEF 24628 PSB 21493 siemens PMB 6610 psb 21553 47n60c3 Pmb7725 B192-H6780-G10-X-7600 PN2020 TUA6041 TUA6045 SP000055848 SP000067153