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Abstract: HLP50R HLP50R.HLP60R HLP60R Description H L P 50R and H L P60R are GaAIAs infrared em itting ... OCR Scan

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Hitachi em HLP50R HLP60R HLP50R abstract
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Abstract: philips e c G inc 17e d ^53^20 doobsld 4 semiconductors ECG814 ECG814 4-WATT AUDIO POWER AMPLIFIER WITH PREAMPLIFIER audio power amplifier with preamplifier . a general-purpose monolithic audio power amplifier with separate preamplifier designed for phonograph, radio, and TV audio systems. TYPICAL FEATURES INCLUDE: • Excellent Power Supply Ripple Rejection ~ 39 da typical • Adjustable Sensitivity • Minimum Number of External Components • Short-Circuit Proof • Grounded Speaker Configurat ... OCR Scan

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TNY 260 ECG814 LM audio power amplifier 250 watts amplifier schematic diagram FN 1016 115-VOLT 150 watts power amplifier layout 500 watts audio amplifier diagram CG708 ECG914 500 watts amplifier schematic diagram ECG814 abstract
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Abstract: H D 8 1 0 1 9 /0 2 0 Terminal CODEC For Digital Telephones Description H D 8 1 0 1 9 /2 0 is a single chip C O D E C specified for digital te le phone. This LSI contains the function of C O D E C with filters (corre sponding to H D 4 4 2 7 0 P series) and also includes analog input/output for H ands Free, input pin for D T M F signal, m oreover To ne R inger circuit and analog G ain Control circuit. All controls are available by microcomputer interface. l i s t i l i ! Tl i 1 iROG Pin Arra ... OCR Scan

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g31 m7 te datasheet abstract
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Abstract: HD6803 HD6803, HD6803-1-MPU HD6803-1-MPU (Micro Processing Unit) The HD6803 HD6803 M PU is an 8 -bit micro processing unit which is compatible with the HMCS6800 HMCS6800 family of parts. The HD6803 HD6803 MPU is object code compatible with the HD6800 HD6800 with improved execution times o f key instructions plus several new 16-bit and 8 -bit instruction including an 8 x 8 unsigned multiply with 16-bit result. The HD6803 HD6803 MPU can be expanded to 6 Sk bytes. The HD6803 HD6803 MPU is T TL compatible and requires one +0.5 volt power supply. The HD6803 HD6803 MPU ... OCR Scan

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MC6803-1 HD6803 HD6803-1--MPU HMCS6800 HD6800 DP-40 HD6803 abstract
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Abstract: H D 6 6 710 (Dot Matrix Liquid Crystal Display Controller/Driver) HITACHI Description The HD66710 HD66710 dot-matrix liquid crystal display controller and driver LSI displays alphanumerics, numbers, and symbols. It can be configured to drive a dot-matrix liquid crystal display under the control of a 4- or 8bit microprocessor. Since all the functions such as display RAM, character generator, and liquid crystal driver, required for driving a dot-matrix liquid crystal display are internally provided ... OCR Scan

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