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14959 2 1 2 02CZ10 02CZ10 02CZ10 02CZ10 PZM10NB PZM10NB PZM10NB PZM10NB@pip/PZM_N_SERIES_2.html,1 02CZ11 02CZ11 02CZ11 02CZ11 PZM11NB PZM11NB PZM11NB PZM11NB@pip/PZM_N_SERIES_2.html,1 02CZ12 02CZ12 02CZ12 02CZ12 PZM12NB PZM12NB PZM12NB PZM12NB@pip/PZM_N_SERIES_2.html,1 02CZ13 02CZ13 02CZ13 02CZ13 PZM13NB PZM13NB PZM13NB PZM13NB@pip/PZM_N_SERIES_2.html,1 02CZ15 02CZ15 02CZ15 02CZ15 PZM15NB PZM15NB PZM15NB PZM15NB@pip/PZM_N_SERIES_2.html,1 02CZ16 02CZ16 02CZ16 02CZ16 PZM16NB PZM16NB PZM16NB PZM16NB@pip/PZM_N_SERIES_2.html,1 02CZ18 02CZ18 02CZ18 02CZ18 PZM18NB PZM18NB PZM18NB PZM18NB@pip/PZM_N_SERIES_2.html,1 02CZ2 02CZ2 02CZ2 02CZ2.4 PZM2.4NB@pip/PZM_N_SERIES_2.html,1 02CZ2 02CZ2 02CZ2 02CZ2.7 PZM2.7NB@pip/PZM_N_SERIES_2.html,1 02CZ20 02CZ20 02CZ20 02CZ20 PZM20NB PZM20NB PZM20NB PZM20NB@pip/PZM_N_SERIES_2.html,1 02CZ22 02CZ22 02CZ22 02CZ22 PZM22NB PZM22NB PZM22NB PZM22NB@pip/PZM_N_SERIES_2.html,1 02CZ24 02CZ24 02CZ24 02CZ24 PZM24NB PZM24NB PZM24NB PZM24NB@pip/PZM_N_SERIES_2
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NXP / Philips Cross Reference Results

NXP Semiconductor / Philips Part Industry Part Manufacturer Type Comments
74HC04PW Buy HD74HC04TPP Buy
74HC08PW Buy HD74HC04TPP Buy