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HD14040B Datasheet

Part Manufacturer Description PDF Type
HD14040B Hitachi Semiconductor 12-bit Binary Counter Original
HD14040B N/A The CMOS Device Manual (Japanese) 1993 Scan


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Abstract: HD14040B 12 -bit B in a r y C o u n te r PIN A R RA N G EM EN T The HD14040B 12-stages binary counter is designed with an input wave shaping circuit and 12-stages of ripple-carry binary counter. The device advances the count on the negative-going edge of the clock pulse. Applications include time delay circuits, counter controls, and frequency-dividing circuits. FEA TU RES · · · · Fully Static Operation Quiescent Current = 5nA/pkg typ. @5V Supply Voltage Range = 3 to 18V Capable of Driving One -
OCR Scan
HD14040 D1404 d14040 CD4040B MC14040B D14040B
Abstract: ISO 360 ns R« HD14040B â'¢ â'¢ 10V 80 160 ns *+» MB84040B â'¢ 15V 65 130 ns (KT MN4040B â'¢ â -
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MSM4040BRS MLC4040B NJU4040B TC4040BP UPD4040BC M4040BP D4040BC MSM4040 MB84040 HFE4040BP UPD4040 4040B
Abstract: HD14040B HD14044B HD14049UB HD14050B HD14051B TC4052B CD4052B HD14052B CD4052B ¿¿PD4052B -
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MC14011B 14049U CD4069UB 14069U TC14093B HD14053B UPD4021 upd4051 HD14584B 7-stage frequency divider TC4000B/TC4500B TC4001B TC4011B TC4013B TC4015B TC4017B
Abstract: Counter HD14040B 14-bit Binary Counter HD14020B Octal Counter/Divider HD14022B 4-bit Binary Counter -
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HD14541B HD14032B HD14514 bcd to hex decimal display 4x4 bit binary multiplier 4 bit binary divider HD14583 HD14000 HD14000B/UB HD14011B/UB HD14028B HD14093B HD14514B HD14023B
Abstract: -bit Binary Counter HD14040B 14-bit Binary Counter HD14020B Octal Counter/Divider HD14022B 4-bit Binary -
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HD14515B HD14536B HD14508B HD14174 HD14070B HD14011 HD14505 HD14530B HD14012 HD14532B HD14068B HD14555B HD14556B
Abstract: HD14162B HD14510B HD14522B HD14040B HD14020B HD14022B HD14161B HD14Í63B HD14516B HD14526B HD14518B HD14520B -
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HD14081B HD14082B tic 272 hd14541bp HD14584 HD14569 hd14516 HD14515 HD14000B/HD14000UB HD14012B HD14001B/UB HD14025B HD14000UB HD14002B