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HA13525 Datasheet

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HA13525FP N/A Shortform IC and Component Datasheets (Plus Cross Reference Data) Scan


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Abstract: HA13525A Package Information Function M otor driver Type No. HA I 3460FP HA13475FP H A I 3481AFP HA13483AMP HA13483ANT H A I 3484AMP H AI 3484ANT H AI 3490 H AI 3490FP HA13490MP H AI 3491S H AI 3493MP H A ' 3494AMP H A 13499MP H A I3 5 0 9 F HAI 3511F HAI 3513F H A13513NF HA13520F H AI 3524 Package code FP-16T FP-16T FP-26DT MP-28T DP-24TS MP-44 DP-30S DP-16C FP-16T MP-18T MP-26DT MP-28 MP-44 MP-28 FP-28T FP-28T FP-28T FP-28T FP-28T SP-23TA Function Motor driver Type No. HA13524FP HA13524S HA13525AFP
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HA13532NT HA13535FP HA13559FP HA13529 HA13525A Ha13535 HA13525 ha13483 ha13559 FP--16T HA13529FP HA13534FP HA13536F


Abstract: HA13525 HA13525AFP Combo (Spindle & VCM) Driver The HA13525AFP is combination o f Spindle and V C M D , ^ 14 H DATA 176 HA13525AFP Block Diagram D1 H 4C101 -O VC C 2 (+12 V) CT I , SENSING R E TR A C T S O F T S W FCLK 177 HA13525AFP Serial Port 1. Construction MDO to MD9 , control register 178 HA13525AFP 2.2. Bit MDO MD1 MD2 MD3 MD4 MD5 MD6 MD7 MD8 MD9 Mode Control , 100 000 l0 [mA] +679/Rs 0.0 -681/Rg +84.8/Rs 0.0 -85.2/Rg 179 HA13525AFP Data Input Timing
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DAC transistor current booster


Abstract: HA13481A HA13491S HA13494AMP HA13499MP HA13509F HA13511F HA13513F HA13513NF HA13520F HA13524/S/FP HA13525AFP
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HA13481AFP HA13481A Hitachi Three-Phase Motor Driver Hitachi stepping motor sem motor Hitachi motor driver ha13499 HA13460FP HA13483AMP/ANT HA13484AMP/AMT HA13490/MP/FP


Abstract: Polygon Mirror Scanner Motor Recommended Motor Driver 1C by Application Lineup by Application Application HDD Function Spindle VCM Motor Three-phase brushless Voice coil Recommended 1C HA13481 AFP, HA13491S, HA13542FP HA13490/MP/FP, HA13509F, HA13524/S/FP, HA13529FP, HA13539FP, HA13549FP, HA13559FP HA13520F, HA13525AFP, HA13544F, HA13561F HA13483AMP/ANT, HA13484AMP/ANT, HA13499MP, HA13511F, HA13513F/NF, HA13536F HA13475FP HA13552 , 0.5 A Product name HA13520F, HA13544F HA13525AFP HA13561F HA13491S HA13481 AFP (sensorless) HA13524/S
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HA13605 Polygon Mirror Scanner Motor polygon motor controller polygon mirror BRUSHLESS MOTOR CONTROLLER 10 hdd spindle motor driver HA13559F HA134 A13520F