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Abstract: GPY0016C Step-Up DC/DC Converter FEB. 13, 2006 Version 1.0 GENERALPLUS TECHNOLOGY INC. , express written approval of Generalplus. GPY0016C Table of Contents PAGE 1. GENERAL DESCRIPTION , : 1.0 GPY0016C STEP-UP DC/DC CONVERTER 1. GENERAL DESCRIPTION 2. FEATURES The circuit is a , and a voltage detector by Standby Mode CMOS process. The GPY0016C is an output-voltage-fixed , : 1.0 GPY0016C 5. SIGNAL DESCRIPTIONS PIN No. Type VDD Mnemonic 1 Output VIN1 ... Original

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1N5819 general instruments 1N5819 LQS66C LQS66C470M04 GPY0016C LQS66C101M04 GPY0016C abstract
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Abstract: gpy0031 Line Others GPRCXXX GPY003X GPY003X (Audio Driver), GPY0016C(DC-DC Converter), GPY0029B GPY0029B(Linear ... Original

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GPF16256B GPCE048A GPCH8256A 512K DIGITAL ECHO IC GPC11033A GPCE063 gpl162005 gpc11033d GPR25L005B GPCH8501A gpr25l321b GPLB5X GPR25L080B 6502 MCU datasheet abstract
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Abstract: GPCH Created by Generalplus Product Data Center 2009/11/18 DOCUMENTS VERSION SUMMARY No IC Programming Guide User Guide Confirm Sheet Data Sheet 1 GPBA01B GPBA01B GPBA01B GPBA01B Data Sheet 1.1 2005/5/28 2 GPBA02A GPBA02A GPBA02A GPBA02A Data Sheet 1.4 2008/10/14 3 GPC1000A1 GPC1000A1 4 5 GPC1000A2 GPC1000A2 GPC1000B GPC1000B GPC Programming Guide 1.0 2006/12/11 GPC Programming Guide 1.0 2006/12/11 GPC10024D GPC10024D 2006/5/26 GPC1 Series Programming Guide 1.5 2009/3/9 GPC1 Series Programming ... Original

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GPCH8501A GPC11512A GPBA02A GPCE048A gpc11033d gpc11512 GPCE063A GPCE063 GPR25 GPY0031A GPBA01B GPC1000A1 GPC1000A2 GPBA01B abstract
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