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Abstract: GPLB52A24A, GPLB52640A/ GPLB52640A/ GPLB52320A GPLB52320A, GPLB51640A/ GPLB51640A/ GPLB51320A GPLB51320A on one PCB. ANALYSIS 1. GPLB52001A GPLB52001A vs GPLB52A24A: 1.1. Pins in the blue blocks are used only for GPLB52001A GPLB52001A ICE mode and they are different between GPLB52001A GPLB52001A and GPLB52A24A. These pins are neither used in GPLB52001A GPLB52001A OTP mode, nor in GPLB52A24A. 1.2. Red blocks are GPLB52001A GPLB52001A OTP option pins and program pins; they need to set on the board. , AN0067 AN0067 GPLB5X Pad Diagram Note Apr. 27, 2009 GPLB52001A GPLB52001A vs GPLB52A24A, GPLB52640A/GPLB52320A GPLB52640A/GPLB52320A ... Original

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GPLB GPLB52320A GPLB52A24A GPLB51320A AN0067 GPLB52640 GPLB52320 GPLB51640A GPLB52001A GPLB52640A gplb5x GPLB52640A/GPLB52320A GPLB51640A/GPLB51320A GPLB52640A/ AN0067 abstract
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Abstract: AN0060 AN0060 GPLB52A24A Mar. 26, 2009 GPLB52A24A VDDDAC and PVDD Connection INTRODUCTION This document describes issues need to be cared when connecting VDDDAC and PVDD. ANALYSIS VDDDAC pin needs to , Mar. 26, 2009 AN0060 AN0060 GPLB52A24A Mar. 26, 2009 2. Using DAC output and disabling regulator. , AN0060 AN0060 GPLB52A24A Mar. 26, 2009 The PWM function is 5V power supply system and therefore, PVDD pin , thicker lines. © Generalplus Technology Inc. PAGE 3 Mar. 26, 2009 AN0060 AN0060 GPLB52A24A Mar. ... Original

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PWM regulator GPLB52A24A GPLB52A24 GPLB 5v power supply regulator AN0060 AN0060 abstract
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Abstract: Watchdog Timer (WDT) t An on-chip watchdog timer is also available in the GPLB52A24A. HALT The , GPLB52A24A 2000 Dots Mono/4-Gray-Level LCD Controller/Driver with 8-CH SPU SEP. 10, 2009 , significant injury to the user, without the express written approval of Generalplus. GPLB52A24A Table of , GPLB52A24A 8.3. 2048 DOTS LCD DRIVER, 64 SEGMENTS - 32 COMMONS, FOR 3-BATTERY APPLICATION, INTERNAL 3.3V , BJT. 19 8.7. SERIAL COMMUNICATIONS BETWEEN GPLB52A24A AND GPUSB101A GPUSB101A USB CONTROLLER- (6 ... Original

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3001H lcd monitor ckt R32K 5 - 30pf variable capacitor GPUSB101A xo-105 mhz GPLB52A24 ic LK 1628 GPLB52A24A LCD 24 segments, 4 commons gpy0030b XO 105 XTAL12M GPLB52A24A abstract
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Abstract: GPLB52A24A Confirmation Sheet V1.3 Customer Date Project Title 09/03/2009 Code No. Project Description 2.4V ~ 3.6V (regulator OFF, for 2-battery) Working Voltage 2.7V ~ 5.5V(regulator ON, for 3-battery) Caution: user must refer to data sheet while designing a regulator , ) before entering standby mode. In GPLB52A24A real chip, no key can be read if PortA strobe function is , : 886-3-6662117 GPLB52A24A Confirmation Sheet V1.3 09/03/2009 Test Program The following test program ... Original

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GPLB52A24A C104 303F 303E GPLB52A24A abstract
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Abstract: GPCH Created by Generalplus Product Data Center 2009/11/18 DOCUMENTS VERSION SUMMARY No IC Programming Guide User Guide Confirm Sheet Data Sheet 1 GPBA01B GPBA01B GPBA01B GPBA01B Data Sheet 1.1 2005/5/28 2 GPBA02A GPBA02A GPBA02A GPBA02A Data Sheet 1.4 2008/10/14 3 GPC1000A1 GPC1000A1 4 5 GPC1000A2 GPC1000A2 GPC1000B GPC1000B GPC Programming Guide 1.0 2006/12/11 GPC Programming Guide 1.0 2006/12/11 GPC10024D GPC10024D 2006/5/26 GPC1 Series Programming Guide 1.5 2009/3/9 GPC1 Series Programming ... Original

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GPC11512A GPCE048A GPBA02A gpc11033d gpc11512 GPCE063A GPCE063 GPR25 GPY0031A GPBA01B GPC1000A1 GPC1000A2 GPBA01B abstract
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Abstract: GPY0032A gpy0031 640K 1536+ 512 16 2048 GPLB52A24A 2.4~5.5 8 1M 1536+ 512 22 2048 COM ... Original

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GPC11033A GPCE063 GPR25L005B gpl162005 GPFA64B GPCH8501A GPLB52320 gpc11033d a2400 gpr25l321b GPL162006A 6502 MCU GPLB5X 27mhz car toys remote control datasheet abstract
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