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Abstract: AN0052 8-bit LCD controller un-expected image issue Aug. 15, 2008 For GPL0X/GPLXX/GPL61_191_121/GPLB 8-bit LCD Controller Un-expected Image Issue INTRODUCTION It is recommended not to continuously update the same LCD data too frequently; Fail to do so will result un-expected image displaying on LCD in a short time and immediately disappearing after. Therefore, user should update LCD , controllers, such as GPL0X / GPLXX / GPL61/191/121 / GPLB series. ANALYSIS When continuously updating the Generalplus Technology
GPL0X/GPLXX/GPL61 121/GPLB GPL61/191/121
Abstract: Generalplus Product Selection Guide Index LCD Controller/Driver Product Line 1. GPL0X, GPLXX, GPL61/121/191 , GPLXX www.generalplus.com GPL61/121/191 Part NO. Working Max. ROM RAM Voltage CPU , On GPL61/121/191 8-bit LCD Controller Part NO. Working Voltage (V) Max. CPU Speed (MHz) ROM RAM (Byte) (Byte) I/O Max. LCD Dots GPL61A 2.4~5.5 3 80K 496+ 80 Generalplus Technology
GPBA02A GPM6P1004A GPL162006A GPM6P1001A GPR25 GPLB5X GPY0031A GPBA01B GPC1000A1 GPC1000A2 GPC1000B GPC10024D
Abstract: $0006 $0022F $00300 Following figure is a state diagram for the GPL61A. SRAM for STACK and , GPL61A 5.10. Watch Dog Timer (WDT) An on chip watchdog timer is available on GPL61A. 5.11.3. TxD/RxD , Communications between two GPL61As VDD 12pF-20pF X32O GPL61A X32I RxD 12pF-20pF TxD ROSC , Package Type GPL61A-NnnV-C Chip form Note1: Code number is assigned for customer. Note2: Code , GPL61A 80KB LCD Controller / Driver NOV. 05, 2009 Version 1.4 GENERALPLUS TECHNOLOGY INC Generalplus Technology
GPR25L GPR25L080B 27mhz car toys remote control 6502 MCU gpr25l321b gpc11033d GPY0200A GPY0201A GPY0202A LDO33C GPUSB101A
Abstract: GPL61A Confirmation Sheet V1.2 06/27/2008 Customer Date Project title Project description Code No. Working Voltage 2.4V ~ 3.6V 3.6V ~ 5.5V CPU Frequency (max: 3MHz) MHz The Resistor of R-OSC on EMU board = LCD Matrix: COM_ SEG _ Duty_ Bias _ Regulator: ON (Voltage_ ) OFF Port $22 =_ (Set as low as possible when regulator is , : 886-3-6662117 GPL61A Confirmation Sheet V1.2 06/27/2008 CPU Work Ratio Wake-up Rate: _Hz (Ex:2Hz Generalplus Technology
SPL61A F32768