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Abstract: Wound T1 - Secondary Feedback: 10 Turns #30 AWG T1 - (2 strands) Bifiliar Wound T1 - Core: Ferroxcube EC35-3C8 EC35-3C8 T1 - Bobbin: Ferroxcube EC35PCB1 EC35PCB1 T1 - Gap 0.01" for a primary inductance of 1.0 mH ... ON Semiconductor

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UCX843A UC2842A UC2843A UC2843AD1G UC284XA uc384*adg UC3842A uc3842adg uc3842an UC3843A UC3843ADG UC384XA UCX842A UC2843ADG pin diagram of ic UC3843AD EC35PCB1 UC3843A datasheet TEXT
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Abstract: uc38458 : Ferroxcube EC35-3C8 EC35-3C8 T1 - Bobbin: Ferroxcube EC35PCB1 EC35PCB1 T1 - Gap 0.01" for a primary inductance of 1.0 mH L1 ... ON Semiconductor

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UC2844D UC2845 UC3844 UCX845A switch mode power supply using uc3844 MTP10N10M mtp 26 EC35-3c8 scr transformer drive gate uc2844 UC3845 dc dc applications UC3844dg UC2844 flyback application flyback uc3845 application off-line flyback regulator uc3845 uc3844 transformer design UC3844 flyback application note UC3844 application note UC3845 uc3845 flyback UC2844 TEXT
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Abstract: Ferroxcubed P/N: EFD25 EFD25 3F3 Bobbin 10-pin EFD25 EFD25 surface mount bobbin Winding Details Primary 8T + ... Power Integrations

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Efd25 core 357N1T BAV19WS PI-3662-082603 SBG3045CT 357n1 zener diode c1 5t DPA426R diode zener c19 BTZ52C11 btz52 c18 5t zener c23 c18 5t diode DI-57 zener C18 5T DI-57 TL431 928 DI-57 c10 5t DI-57 C18 5T zener DI-57 diode zener c23 DI-57 zener diode c18 5t DI-57 DI-57 DI-57 TEXT
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Abstract: set (Phillips/Ferroxcube E55/28/21-3C90 E55/28/21-3C90) with 27 turns of 10 strands (twisted) of #26HN magnet wire ... ON Semiconductor

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1N5406 2N2907A AC toroidal choke AND8123 AND8179/D E55 application ferrite E55/28/21 irg4pc IRG4PC50W mc34262 mc342 MC33260 equivalent MC34262 MC33262 MC34262 MC33262 magnetic amplifier saturable core MC33262 tapped inductor PFC IRG4PC50W EQUIVALENT E55 ferrite E55 ferrite core TEXT
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Abstract: Ferroxcube VK200 VK200 20/4B 20/4B 4 Turns #16, 0.340 I.D., Enameled Wire 1.0 k,1/4 W Resistor 20 x 200 x 250 mils , Wire Ferroxcube VK200 VK200 20/4B 20/4B 3 Turns #16, 0.340 I.D., Enameled Wire 1.0 k, 1/4 W Resistor 10 k, 1/4 ... Motorola

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VK200 AN211A Nippon capacitors RF TOROIDS Design Considerations MRF275G FERROXCUBE VK200 RF transformer turn ratio "100 6W" planar transformer theory MRF275G equivalent MRF275G/D TEXT
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Abstract: 30 uH RF choke may be constructed by winding 30 turns of #36AWG 36AWG magnet wire on a Ferroxcube 891 ... Motorola

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motorola application note an-440 motorola hybrid AN1022 714G-01 motorola hybrid module MOTOROLA Hybrid Power Module motorola rf power module Nippon capacitors 714g CA2820 TRW circuit center tap transformer for rf signal UBJ20 ferroxcube 4C4 632 transistor motorola CA2870 CA2820 MOTOROLA hybrid amplifiers MOTOROLA hybrid amplifiers* reliability UBJ-20 connector bnc CA2820 TRW TEXT
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Abstract: Primary: 20T C.T. #28 AWG T1 - Secondary: 12OT C.T. #36 AWG T1 - Core: Ferroxcube 1408P-L00-3CB 1408P-L00-3CB 71 ... Ceramate Technical

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TRANSISTOR tip 127 Pulse-Width Modulation Techniques MR850 1N4934 ferroxcube 1408p diode mr850 1N975A CP494N 12OT 1408P 1408P-L00-3CB CP494 ferroxcube 1408p-l00-3cb TEXT
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SGS-Thomson 12/05/1995 96.83 Kb PL 60178-v1.pl
* *- * * Model parameters for ferrite material (Ferroxcube 3C8) were obtained by * trial simulations with 20 turns *|K1 L1 .9999 K528T500 K528T500_3C8 ; Ferroxcube torroid core *|.model K528T500 K528T500_3C8 CORE *+- * Ferroxcube: bulk material models * from Seventh Edition catalog * 25'C *$ .model * * Ferroxcube pot cores *$ .model K704PL K704PL_3B7 ako:K3B7 CORE(Area=.070 Path=1.00) *$ .model K704PL K704PL_3B9 ako (Area=1.27 Path=5.89) *$ .model K3019TS K3019TS_3E2A ako:K3E2A CORE(Area=1.27 Path=5.89) *$ * Ferroxcube
/datasheets/files/spicemodels/misc/spice_model_cd/mixed part list/spice-models-collection/magnetic.lib
Spice Models 29/07/2012 9.93 Kb LIB magnetic.lib
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/download/22204674-596971ZC/50961.zip ()
NXP 23/10/2012 56632.22 Kb ZIP 50961.zip
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/download/61813360-596980ZC/71691.zip ()
NXP 23/10/2012 57734.64 Kb ZIP 71691.zip
RFC : 2 Turns in Ferroxcube VK 200/19-4B 200/19-4B Board Material 3M-K-6098 3M-K-6098, 1/16" Thick TYPICAL INPUT
STMicroelectronics 25/05/2000 5.94 Kb HTM 2782-v3.htm
resistors are 1/4 W unless noted. 2. See appendix for construction details. 3. L1 = Ferroxcube 204T50-3C8 204T50-3C8 : Ferroxcube EC-35/3C8 EC-35/3C8 Gap : 0.25mm. in each outer leg Note : For reduced EMI put gap in center leg only. Use
STMicroelectronics 20/10/2000 9.03 Kb HTM 1688.htm
: Ferroxcube Choke Coil L5 : 7 Turns, Diameter Wire 1.5mm, Int. Diameter 12mm, Pitch 2.5mm R2 : 33 W R3
STMicroelectronics 25/05/2000 5.79 Kb HTM 2852-v3.htm
, Pitch 2.5mm L4 : Ferroxcube Choke Coil L5 : 7 Turns, Diameter Wire 1.5mm, Int. Diameter 12mm, Pitch
STMicroelectronics 02/04/1999 3.99 Kb HTM 2852-v1.htm
winding) Ferroxcube Choke RFC 2 : 6 Turns, #16 AWG Enamel on T50-2 T50-2 Torroid Board Material: 3-M-K-6098 3-M-K-6098 1
STMicroelectronics 25/05/2000 6.23 Kb HTM 2812-v3.htm
m H Choke Coil L3, L5 : 80nF L4 : Ferroxcube Choke Coil R1 : 0.55 W R2 : 27 W R3 : 4.7 W TYPICAL
STMicroelectronics 20/10/2000 6.17 Kb HTM 2848.htm