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Abstract: Confidential Draft 3/7/00 CS4281 CS4281 Programming Manual ft Revision 1.17w D ra 3/7/00 P.O. Box 17847, Austin, Texas 78760 (512) 445 7222 FAX: (512) 445 7581 Copyright Cirrus Logic, Inc. 2000 (All Rights Reserved) MAR'00 DS308PRM1 DS308PRM1 1 Confidential Draft 3/7/00 D ra ft CS4281 CS4281 Programming Manual Contacting Cirrus Logic Support For a complete listing of Direct Sales, Distributor, and Sales Representative contacts, visit the Cir ... Original

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2864 eeprom mis 3904 734h 7642 SA 9259 sound blaster 9909 flip flop ibm joystick ICL 7211 data sheet joystick pc 9721 220 7492 PIN CONFIGURATION programmable divider circuit tc 8052 CS4281 CS4281 CS4281 abstract
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