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Abstract: TEA1552 tea1530 uba2074 BU2527AF BU2527AF BU2527AX BU2527DX BU2527DX BU2532AW BU2532AW Power Management selection guide 2008 21 BISS ... Original

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TEA1750 BU2508Dx equivalent PH6030AL BU2508DF equivalent bu2508af equivalent uhp ballast BSN304 equivalent BU2527DX equivalent BT137 application example BU4508DX equivalent 2n7002 12w nxp BT136 testing power management selection guide datasheet abstract
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Abstract: BTB16 800BW equivalent S0806NH S2055AF equivalent 2SC5297 equivalent S0806MH ST2001HI equivalent BU4515AX BU4515AX BU2522AX BU2522AX BU2520AX BU2520AX BU2520DX BU2520DX BU4522AX BU4522AX BU2523AX BU2523AX BU4523AX BU4523AX BU2525AX BU2525AX BU2527AX BU2527DX BU2527DX ... Original

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BTA16-600b application motor control Equivalent bu2527ax BU2508Dx equivalent Fluorescent BALLAST MJE13003 BU2527DX equivalent diode LT 64 2a04 Fluorescent BALLAST MJE13007 BU2508DF equivalent Sanyo Denki inverter rs1a ct 2A05 diode diode cross reference BYW96E FIN-02630 BP317 FIN-02630 abstract
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Abstract: P0201MA ST1803DHI equivalent BUK98150 spice BT151-600R 2SC5296 equivalent BYS21-45 2Sd1651 equivalent BU4523AX BU4523AX BU2525AX BU2525AX BU2527AX BU2527DX BU2527DX BU4525AX BU4525AX BU4515AF BU4515AF BU2522AF BU2522AF BU2520AF BU2520AF BU2520DF BU2520DF BU4522AF BU4522AF ... Original

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Transistor SMD SOT363 SC70 BTa16-600bw application motor control BU4508DX triac bt151 FAST SWITCHING THYRISTOR ST diode cross reference BYS21-45 BTA16-600b application motor control BUL*49 ST TRANSISTOR APPLICATION smd zener diode color band 2SD1878 data sheet 2SD1876 FIN-02630 BP317 FIN-02630 abstract
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Abstract: "Philips Type" refers to closest Philips alternative or equivalent if available. Always consider the application and compare data specifications before recommending the suitable Philips type. Type Notes: 1 - dual device. 2 - competitor RDS(on) falls between two Philips types, hence either stated device may be suitable. Type PhilipsType Type Manufacturer PhilipsType 10TQ045S 10TQ045S 11DQ03 11DQ03 , BU2515AX BU2515AX BU2520AF BU2520AF BU2520AX BU2520AX BU2522AF BU2522AF BU2522AX BU2522AX BU2523AX BU2523AX BU2525AX BU2525AX BU2527AX BU2530AW BU2530AW BU2532AW BU2532AW BU505 BU505 ... Original

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C5149 d1545 d1651 d1878 c5387 c4542 d1541 BU4508DX equivalent e13005 equivalent c5129 d1577 C5386 d1554 C4927 BT139-600 equivalent 2N6071A 2N6073 2N6071A abstract
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Abstract: PCF79935S tda4859 TDA4859ps pcf79735S PCF79730S PCF7935 PCF7931 PCF79730S-3851 PCF7935AS PCF7931AS Replacement Part Is Not available as yet, Not developed NEAREST EQUIVALENT, TO 220 PACKAGE NEAREST EQUIVALENT No replacement Part available No replacement Part available No replacement Part available No ... Original

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PCF7931AS/3851-BO bu2508 equivalent PCF7935AS/3851 philips pcf7931as transistor bu2520 PCF7931AS/3851 BLV1835 philips PCF7931XP/C PHILIPS PCF7935AS PCF7931XP/C datasheet abstract
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Abstract: tda8362a CV7101 om8385j om1058t tda5331t tda9155 msc 1697 TDA8363C OM8383S OM8384J tda8362b custom part only; std part equivalent is still being manufactured. Consult Marketing. Closest ... Original

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12NC philips cd6222 BGY251 OM8384J/N2 OM8383S/N3 alp008t PCA84C640P-030 BGY262 BGY252 1N4003ID 1N4005G 1N4006G 2N3906 2N4403 1N4003ID abstract
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BU2527AX CRTV frequency (kHz) 32 I C (SAT) (A) 6 Integrated damper diode
Philips 07/06/2005 250.71 Kb HTML 15-v2.html
BU2527AX Category Power transistors for horizontal deflection output stages CRTV
Philips 25/04/2003 325.82 Kb HTML 15.html
industry_type nearest Industrytype nearest Philips equivalent Industry type nearest Philips equivalent 02CZ27 02CZ27 02CZ27 02CZ27 BZX84-C27 BZX84-C27 BZX84-C27 BZX84-C27 03P2M 03P2M 03P2M 03P2M BT169D BT169D BT169D BT169D 03P2M 03P2M 03P2M 03P2M BT169G BT169G BT169G BT169G 03P4M 03P4M 03P4M 03P4M BT169E BT169E BT169E BT169E 03P4MF 03P4MF 03P4MF 03P4MF BT169D BT169D BT169D BT169D 03P4MF 03P4MF 03P4MF 03P4MF BT169G BT169G BT169G BT169G 10BQ040 10BQ040 10BQ040 10BQ040 BYG90-40 BYG90-40 BYG90-40 BYG90-40 10BQ100 10BQ100 10BQ100 10BQ100 BYG90-90 BYG90-90 BYG90-90 BYG90-90 10D05 10D05 10D05 10D05 1N5059 1N5059 1N5059 1N5059 10D1 1N5059 1N5059 1N5059 1N5059 10D10 10D10 10D10 10D10 BYW56 BYW56 BYW56 BYW56 10D2 1N5059 1N5059 1N5059 1N5059 10D4 1N5060 1N5060 1N5060 1N5060 10D6 BU4507AX BU4507AX BU4507AX BU4507AX 2SC3895 2SC3895 2SC3895 2SC3895 BU2508AX BU2508AX BU2508AX BU2508AX 2SC3895 2SC3895 2SC3895 2SC3895 BU4508AX BU4508AX BU4508AX BU4508AX 2SC3896 2SC3896 2SC3896 2SC3896 BU2520AX BU2520AX BU2520AX BU2520AX 2SC3896 2SC3896 2SC3896 2SC3896 BU4522AX BU4522AX BU4522AX BU4522AX 2SC3897 2SC3897 2SC3897 2SC3897 BU2527AX 2SC3897 2SC3897 2SC3897 2SC3897 2SC5387 2SC5387 2SC5387 2SC5387 BU2520AX BU2520AX BU2520AX BU2520AX 2SC5387 2SC5387 2SC5387 2SC5387 BU4522AX BU4522AX BU4522AX BU4522AX 2SC5404 2SC5404 2SC5404 2SC5404 BU2515AX BU2515AX BU2515AX BU2515AX 2SC5404 2SC5404 2SC5404 2SC5404 BU4522AX BU4522AX BU4522AX BU4522AX 2SC5411 2SC5411 2SC5411 2SC5411 BU2522AX BU2522AX BU2522AX BU2522AX 2SC5421 2SC5421 2SC5421 2SC5421 BU2527AX
Philips 28/01/2000 196.7 Kb TXT xref.txt
var f = new Array(); var p = new Array(); f[0] = new Array('Analog and mixed-signal devices',1,'0','41685'); p[0] = new Array(); p[0][0] = new Array('Data converters',1,'1','42890',''); p[1] = new Array(); p[1][0] = new Array('Audio converters',1,'2','42981',''); p[2] = new Array(); p[2][0] = new Array('Audio ADCs',1,'3','47644',''); p[3] = new Array(); p[3][0] = new Array('UDA1361 UDA1361 UDA1361 UDA1361',2,'UDA1361 UDA1361 UDA1361 UDA1361','- 96 kHz sampling 24-bit stereo audio ADC'); p[2][1] = new Array('Audio CODECs',1,'4','316
1 1 0 /catalog/appnotes/15106.html Applicationnotes for Bipolar power transistors Title Date FS072 FS072 FS072 FS072: Horizontal Deflection for 17 64kHz monitors - BU4522AF/AX BU4522AF/AX BU4522AF/AX BU4522AF/AX 1998-04-14 FS078 FS078 FS078 FS078: Horizontal deflection transistors for 17, 70 kHz monitors 2 1 0 /catalog/appnotes/15107.html Applicationnotes for Lighting Title Date AN BUJ100 BUJ100 BUJ100 BUJ100: Philips BUJ100 BUJ100 BUJ100 BUJ100 transistor in TO-92 suits all Philips BUJ100 BUJ100 BUJ100 BUJ100 transistor in TO-92 suits all Compact Fluorescent Lamp 3 1 0 /catalog/appnotes/15230.html Applicationnotes for Deflecti
Philips 25/04/2003 954.24 Kb TXT docindex.txt
1 1 0 /catalog/appnotes/15106.html Applicationnotes for Bipolar power transistors Title Date AN98079 AN98079 AN98079 AN98079 1.pdf: GTV4000 GTV4000 GTV4000 GTV4000 2Fh TV receiver with TDA9321H TDA9321H TDA9321H TDA9321H and TDA933xH 1998-08-19 AN10280 AN10280 AN10280 AN10280 1.pdf: 17 inch 70 kHz CRT monitor 2 1 0 /catalog/appnotes/15107.html Applicationnotes for Lighting Title Date an buJ100.pdf: Philips BUJ100 BUJ100 BUJ100 BUJ100 transistor in TO-92 suits all Philips BUJ100 BUJ100 BUJ100 BUJ100 transistor in TO-92 suits all Compact Fluorescent Lamp 3 1 0 /catalog/appnotes/15230.html Applicationnotes for Deflection Title Date AN98
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