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Abstract: a9d8 d11249 d742 G-218 K793 N12114 N14138 P6F2 37K-1 B12-246 ­AERO­06/03 AT61162E AT61162E Test Tools Supplier Reference Number ENPLAS OTS - 64 - 0.8 - 04 ... Texas Instruments

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160 e7 M14 SENJU MO-192 Semicon volume 1 Senju metal flux T5 179GHH Senju metal solder paste Senju SSYZ015A TEXT
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Abstract: can be programmed by adding the SO28 ZIF socket to the footprint provided at U12. The ENPLAS product reference for the socket (not supplied with the kit) is ENPLAS OTS28-1 OTS28-1.27-04. 39/74 4 - Programming , (not supplied with the kit) is ENPLAS OTS28-1 OTS28-1.27-04. 4.2.2 In situ programming In addition to ... STMicroelectronics

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ST72264G2 marking code g2b SMD SDIP32 smd g2b smd TRANSISTOR code marking 8K smd transistor marking sp1 smd transistor REC marking Square Class 8501 PH 40 E ST72260G ST72260G1 ST72262G ST72262G1 ST72262G2 ST72264G ST72264G1 16-BIT TEXT
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Abstract: PCS3225CTND commonly available from any programmer or adapter vendor. The ENPLAS lidded socket is recommended ... Freescale Semiconductor

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DB9 Right Angle PCB Mount keltron datasheet capacitor marshall potentiometer 10k MC68HC908 32 pin MINISMDC050 MINISMDC050-2 db9f connector mc68hc908 dip bourns 3386P-1-103 MOSFET 2301 KELTRON R33 marking sot23-5 panasonic inverter manual KLD-0202-B FMMD914TA SP 5001 IC INVERTER keltron capacitor 7sz125 KELTRON capacitors TEXT
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Abstract: CXA15 10 Rev A.­23-Aug-01 Test Tools Reference Number Supplier 3DS16RT6-163 3DS16RT6-163 ENPLAS OTS - 64 ... National Semiconductor

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uPI Semiconductor M-tron 1 mhz crystal oscillator octal tri state buffer ic 27C256 C1995 HPC16064 HPC167064 HPC467064 NMC27C256 hpc16083 opcodes uPI Semiconductor Corp hld data display HPC16083 Users manual m-tron HPC-DEV-IBMA HPC16083 automotive mileage programming 2702 eprom TEXT
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Abstract: , Yamaichi, Enplas and Aries ZIF sockets · Gold pins for excellent connectivity · Custom design possible 7 , damaging the adaptor. · Yamaichi, Enplas and 3MTM/Textool sockets · All pins are gold plated for excellent ... STMicroelectronics

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marking code E1 SMD 5pin ST62T03CB Loctite 3298 philips lcd tv inverter schematic schematic diagram inverter smd marking code eg SMD MARKING CODE sg ST AN887 heraeus pd955 fluorescent lamp starter murata 455KHz ceramic filter marking code smd JRC ST6200C/ST6201C/ST6203C OTS-16-0.65-01 ST6200C/ST6201C/ST6203C Enplas ots-16 ST6200C/ST6201C/ST6203C ST6265 MICROCONTROLLER ST6200C/ST6201C/ST6203C ST-REALIZER ST6200C/ST6201C/ST6203C BT 816 transistor ST6200C/ST6201C/ST6203C TEXTOOL SOCKET DIP16 ST6200C/ST6201C/ST6203C ots-16-1.27-04 ST6200C/ST6201C/ST6203C ST6200C/ST6201C/ST6203C ST6200C/ST6201C/ST6203C TEXT
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Technologies. Inc. Sockets Enplas TSOP type 1 Tesco International, Inc.
/datasheets/files/intel/products two & tools/design/flcomp/devtools/fl60_2.htm
Intel 06/05/1999 12.68 Kb HTM fl60_2.htm
WEB\Fast Flash By Type (Continued) - Page 2 WEB\Fast Flash By Type (Continued) - Page 2 Enplas TSOP type 1 Tesco International, Inc. Flash SOP Production, Prototyping and Test/Programming Socket Information Intel Corp. Meritec sockets (Prod/Proto) MERITEC Meritec SOP socket/landpads MERITEC Wells Sockets (Burn-in/Test) Wells Electronics, Inc. Yamaichi Prototyping sockets (TSOP 1
Intel 23/10/1996 4.31 Kb HTM fl50_2.htm
FlashWeb Enplas TSOP type 1 Tesco International, Inc. Architecture: Type : Last Update: FLASH Boot Block_Component Sockets 08/20/96 03:14:00 PM Vendor Information Tool Description: ENPLAS' open-top TSOP Type I series of PROM programmer, test and burn-in sockets are produced with very high-precision injection molding techniques using high grade PEI plastics to withstand a temperature handling
Intel 23/10/1996 5.27 Kb HTM 4042a_~1.htm
Programming Adapters EDI Corp. Sockets Enplas TSOP type 1 Tesco
Intel 23/10/1996 23.77 Kb HTM fl2_7.htm
EDI Corp. Sockets Enplas TSOP type 1 Tesco International, Inc.
Intel 23/10/1996 24.02 Kb HTM fl2_6.htm
EDI Corp. Sockets Enplas TSOP type 1 Tesco International, Inc.
Intel 23/10/1996 23.67 Kb HTM fl2_14.htm
Features: High quality Yamaichi and Enplas sockets Modular design makes
Intel 23/10/1996 4.17 Kb HTM 3fa26_~1.htm