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Abstract: EV1201A-0305 Using the EV1201A Power and Gnd Connections There are four power/ground inputs to the board. , EV1201A DAC Evaluation Board Introduction The EV1201A provides an evaluation and development platform for the AL1201 AL1201 Digital-to-Analog Converter IC. With the EV1201A, users may evaluate the sonic , conditions. The EV1201A accepts inputs in the ADAT® Optical format or S/PDIF format. To assist with , Using the EV1201A . 2 Power and Gnd ... Original

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ADAT CS8412 digital input pcb layout electrolytic capacitors 10uf EV1201A EV1201A-0305 T148 toslink OPTICAL 3.5 JACK AL1402 AL1201 EV1201A abstract
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Abstract: AN1201-01 AN1201-01 Filter Equations Application Note AN1201-01 AN1201-01: Differential-to-Single-Ended Two Pole Lowpass Filter Equations This application note provides the equations for determining resistor and capacitor values for the differential-to-single-ended two pole lowpass filter described in datasheet. The EV1201A specifications were determined with the original circuit. To adjust for other parameters including gain changes and cutoff frequencies, follow procedure listed below. Procedure: 1. Select R1 ... Original

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transistor an1201 EV1201A EV1201 AN1201-01 AN1201 AN-1201 Wavefront Semiconductor AN1201-01 abstract
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Abstract: Jumper(J14, kludge added next to T15 on EV1201-2 EV1201-2, standard on EV1201-A) is used to enable/disable the ... Original

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electrolytic capacitors 10uf CS8412 klud EV1201 ALESIS SEMICONDUCTOR AL1201 alesis AL1402 24-BIT EV1201-2 EV1201-A EV1201-1000 EV1201 abstract
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