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ERA-4SM mini circuits

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Abstract: ) ERA-3SM(+) ERA-33SM ERA-33SM(+) ERA-4SM(+) ERA-5SM(+) ERA-50SM ERA-50SM(+) ERA-51SM ERA-51SM(+) ERA-6SM(+) ERA-8SM(+ , MMIC Test Boards: Instructions for Use (AN-60-036 AN-60-036) 1.0 Introduction Mini Circuits manufacture a wide range of 4-pin MMIC surface-mount and drop-in amplifiers. Family of test boards, for evaluating these devices, has been designed as to make them easy to use by customer. On the board, all components external to the amplifier, such as bias resistors, DC blocking and bypass capacitors, RF choke ... Original

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TB-431-5 TB-431 MMIC MAR-1 mmic mar 3 TB-431-1 TB-414-2 MAR-8A mmic era-5 ERA-1SM Mini-Circuits TB-409-39 TB-409-74 MCL MAR-6 ERA-3SM capacitor MAV-11SM AN-60-036 AN-60-036 abstract
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Abstract: Amplifier print this page ERA-4SM Frequency GAIN, dB Maximum Power, dBm Dynamic Range MHz fL - fU Min. Output Input NF (1 dB Min. (no dB Comp.) damage) Typ. IP3 dBm Typ. 34.00 Thermal resistance Øjc In Out Out CurIn I P rent Device Volt(V.) °C/W DC-3 3-fu DC-3 3-fu (mA) (mW) (mA) GHz GHz GHz GHz +1.20 1.20 1.30 1.80 120.00 650.00 65.00 4.50 168.00 VSWR Absolute Maximum Rating DC Power DC-4000 DC-4000 , predictions are applicable at specified current and normal operating conditions. given in Mini- Circuits ... Original

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mmic marking 865 ERA-4SM mini circuits datasheet abstract
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Abstract: mcl pos-150 MAV-11SM MCL SRA-1H 15542 bbp-10.7 15542 ZAPD-2 VCO MCL POS-1060 · Details of the source and load circuits around the module · Details about the physical , Design Parameters and Considerations · Design Analysis (cascaded system analysis, circuits analysis ... Original

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LFCN-900 mini circuits 15542 amplifier transistor MOS 3055 6g APC UPS CIRCUIT DIAGRAM str f 6456 mini circuits coaxial filter nbp 177 sim 900A mcl sbl-1 MIXER mini circuits 15542 ZFM MINI-CIRCUIT 15542 model no zhl-1-2w ups circuit schematic diagram 1000w mini circuits 15542 zem-4300 SF/2010 SF/2010 abstract
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