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Abstract: protection Fuse (+) L 1 SIOV Protected Protected Equipment equipment ( -) N VAR0382-E VAR0382-E , SIOV N SIOV SIOV Thermal Coupling Thermal coupling Thermal fuse Thermal Fuse VAR0375-V VAR0375-V Fig. 27b Three phase protection including line to ground protection Fuse L1 SIOV SIOV Fuse Protected Protected equipment Equipment L2 SIOV Fuse L3 SIOV SIOV Thermal , Semiconductor protection V SIOV Contact spark suppression M SIOV SIOV SIOV VAR0368-M VAR0368-M ... Original

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EPCOS 800 337 o iso 11451 national semiconductors product catalog s10K460 varistor VARISTOR S10k275 SMD ZENER DIODE 26b CU4032K460G2 varistor k60 datasheet VARISTOR epcos s07k275 EPCOS SIOV K60 VDE 0879-2 Varistor cu3225 datasheet abstract
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Abstract: SIOV metal oxide varistors Leaded varistors, StandarD series Series/Type: S05, S07, S10, S14, S20 Date: December 2007 Data Sheet EPCOS AG 2008. Reproduction, publication and dissemination of this publication, enclosures hereto and the information contained therein without EPCOS' prior , /85/56 ­ 40 . + 85 ­ 40 . +125 2.5 10 , K115 100 80 K75 K60 K75 K20 K17 K17 K14 K11 K30 K20 K25 K40 K35 ... Original

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s10 varistor K20 varistor k300 s10 k150 varistor s20 k320 VARISTOR s14 K50 varistor s20 k320 s14 k385 VARISTOR S14 K275 varistor s20 k250 07 k275 varistor VARISTOR s14 K30 varistor s20 k150 varistor k11 k17 datasheet abstract
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Abstract: US_aussen_BD.qxd 20.12.2007 13:33 Uhr Seite 1 EPCOS Data Book 2008 SIOV Metal , quality of its products and services. The Group is ISO/TS 16949 certified. EPCOS AG SIOV metal , Ordering No. EPC:62006-7600 · Printed in Germany · DB 11078. 2008 P u b l i s h e d SIOV Metal Oxide Varistors Welcome to the World of Electronic Components and Modules EPCOS , , and surface and bulk acoustic wave components. EPCOS focuses on fast-growing and technologically ... Original

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zener k275 varistor k420 varistor k25 varistor s14 k385 s14 k385 VARISTOR s14 K30 k300 varistor vdr s10 k300 S14 K275 varistor s20 k320 capacitor S14 k275 08 18 capacitor S14 k275 varistor s20k datasheet abstract
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