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Abstract: 1.03 1.48 1.86 Bobbin EE10-A008 EE10-A008 EI12.5-A010-01 5-A010-01 EE13-A010 EE13-A010 EE16-A010 EE16L2-A009 EE16L2-A009 EE19-A010 EE19-A010 EI22-A008 EI22-A008 ... OCR Scan

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EE19 type core SRW13ES EED29 EEC35 EEC-35 EE10-A008 ferrite core tdk pc30 EE19A TDK EE13 core EE19 bobbin 12 pins SRW40EC EEC28 EE16A SRW transformers datasheet abstract
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Abstract: high Permeability core,winding core,EE8 core,EE11 core,EE10 core,EE12,EE13,EE5,EE6,EE16A, Page 1 , , EE16A,EE16B EE16B, EE16C EE16C, EE16D EE16D, EEL19A EEL19A, EEL25 EEL25, EE19B EE19B, EE19C EE19C, EE20A EE20A, EE22, EE25A EE25A, EE25.4, EE25F EE25F, and EE35A EE35A , EE8 core, EE11 core, EE10 core, EE12, EE13, EE5, EE6, EE16A can used for telecommunication, pulsing , 4.6�1 3.65�15 EE16A 16.4�4 7.3�3 5.0 +0 4.0�2 11.7min 5.2 +0.3 EE16B EE16B 16.0�4 , 9.4�3 high Permeability core,winding core,EE8 core,EE11 core,EE10 core,EE12,EE13,EE5,EE6,EE16A ... Original

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EE-16A Eel19 core EE13 core EEL-25 EE19b ferrite ee22 EEL19 AE EE22 core EE19A EE-16B EE25A EE16c EE16B ee-19c EEL25 EE16A EE16A abstract
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Abstract: UART750 47c14pf mmr510 PLA001 UART450 21mux 47c14 mmr2431 ST6422 BC644 /EE ARM Flash/EE16ARM 32Flash/EE Flash/EE thumb thumb Flash/EE41.78MHz ARM ... Original

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ADUC7024 ADUC7026 ARM16 0x0008FFFF SPM5 T1CON TMS refcon 22-A117 EE16A 16ADC1 12DAC 16/32RISCARM7TDMI 44MHZ 40GPIO1 316PWM1 16ADC1 abstract
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