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DUALOUTPUT-ISOFLYBACK-REF Texas Instruments Dual Output Isolated Flyback Design: 5V @ 0.2A, 12V @ 2.1A w/2 addl out 3.3V @ 0.5A, 5V @ 0.5A visit Texas Instruments
CAR2048FPXXXZ01A GE Critical Power 2000W 48Vdc Dual-Output AC-DC Front End Power Supply visit GE Critical Power
J2014003 GE Critical Power Compact Power Line Shelves, Dual I2C shelves for the CP3500 rectifier visit GE Critical Power
SLP0312FPXXXZ01A GE Critical Power SLP0312FP (384W, 12Vout, 54Vout) Fanless Dual Output PoE Power Supply visit GE Critical Power
QW030CL1 GE Critical Power QW030xx DUAL Series Power Modules: dc-dc Converters, 18 Vdc to 36 Vdc or 36 Vdc to 75 Vdc Inputs visit GE Critical Power
GP100H3M54TEZ GE Critical Power GP100 6 kW True Three Phase Rectifier, 110A rectifier with isolated dual I2C communications 54V visit GE Critical Power

E402 dual jfet

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E112 jfet

Abstract: siliconix E412 Required · Second Source for Siliconix Voltage Controlled Resistor: · Monolithic Dual N-Channel JFET , K4 Dual JFET Packages A3 D6 , Line Highlights JFETs: · Single and Monolithic Dual Packages · N-Channel Amplifiers · Tight , Matching (VBE=0.5mV max) · Single and Monolithic Dual Packges · General Purpose Versions (BVCEO , Leakage Current (IR=1 to 500pA) · Single and Monolithic Dual Packages · Second Source for Intersil
Linear Integrated Systems

siliconix fet

Abstract: Transistor E112 FET N-Channel FT0654D N JFET 2N4221 E402 D N JFET U410 FT704 P MOS ENH 3N163 E410 D N JFET U410 GET5457 N JFET , Standard Dual JFET Diode Special N-Channel JFET Si Standard TO-92 Cased FET Si Standard TO-92 Cased JFET , .2-1 How to Choose the Correct FET for your JFET Geometry Selector Useful JFET Parameter , and P-Channel Single N-Channel Dual
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siliconix fet Transistor E112 FET N-Channel JFET TRANSISTOR REPLACEMENT GUIDE j201 jfet bfw10 terminals E112 jfet JFET BFW10 SPECIFICATIONS 867-C 1130669-CSEL-BR J-23548 K24123 NZ3766 53-C-03

e420 dual jfet

Abstract: bf320 . ICL8043 Dual JFET Input Operational Am plifier , . DG126 Dual DPST 80 Ohm JFET Analog Switch . DG129 Dual DPST 30 Ohm JFET Analog Switch . DG133 Dual SPST 30/35 Ohm JFET Analog S w itc h . DG134 Dual SPST 80 Ohm JFET Analog Switch
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e420 dual jfet bf320 AC digital voltmeter using 7107 MPS5010 ICL7117 VOLTMETER ICL 7216 D ICL7106 ICL7107 ICL7116 ICL7117 ICL7126 ICL7129

E421 fet

Abstract: equivalent transistor e176 E308 E309 E310 E400 E401 E402 E413 E414 E415 E420 E421 FE0654A FE0654B FE0654C FE0655A , VGS(DFF) 74 (VOLTS) VGS (VOLTS) D-3 2N5564 Family (1554) Metal Package Dual
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E421 fet equivalent transistor e176 J2N2608 E421 dual JFET 2N4360 equivalent transistors J2N3821


Abstract: AP239 /Sort C complementary transistor NPN/PNP OG dual germanium transistor OJ dual junction transistor OS dual silicon transistor FET field effect transistor G germanium transistor GD germanium Darlington transistor J junction FET (JFET) M MOSFET ME multiple-emitter transistor M O S metal oxide semiconductor P
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sx3704 AP239 8C547 2N50B 6C131C IN2222A