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PC-SOIC/DIP20-04 Ironwood Electronics SOIC to DIP Package Converters; Top Package Code: SO20A_SO20B_SO20D; Bottom Package Code: 0.3; Top Pitch (mm): 1.27; Bottom Pitch (mm): 2.54; Top Pin Count: 20; Bottom Pin Count: 20; Top Array Size: N/A; Bottom Array Size: N/A; Top Interface: SOIC Land Pattern; Bottom Interface: Thru Hole Pins; Inside Land Dim. - Ouside land dim. (in.): 0.275 - 0.475; Adapter Size Length X Width (in.): 1 x 0.4; Part Description: SOIC to DIP Converter; ri Buy
CK5373A Cirrus Logic Evaluation, Design Tools Seismic Kit 1/CS5373A 1/CS5378 ri Buy
CS5530-ISR Cirrus Logic Converters - Analog to Digital (ADC) IC 24-Bit 1-ch Low Noise ADC ri Buy


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Abstract: BOSFET PhotoVoltaic Relays AN107 AN107: Short Circuit Withstand Capability of the Photovoltaic Relay DT95-1 ... Original

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ELECTRONIC BALLAST ir2104 DT98-2 half bridge circuit using IR2153 HV Floating MOS-Gate Driver circuits DT-98-2 IR2130 APPLICATION NOTES IR2130 with ac voltage controller IR21531D IR21541 DT94-10A AN978A h bridge ir2113 datasheet abstract
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Abstract: Relay 107 6 Jul-95 DT95-1 Replacing Mechanical Relays W/ PVT412L PVT412L in FAX/Modem Designs ... Original

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IR2155 IR2101 AN IR2110 H bridge driver circuit ir2153 application ir2104 application ir2101 Fluorescent BALLAST note application IR2113 ir2155 design tips single phase IR2130 IR2113 induction Self-Oscillating GBAN-PVI-1 datasheet abstract
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Abstract: AN-101 AN-101 AN-102 AN-102 AN-103 AN-103 AN-104 AN-104 AN-106 AN-106 AN-105 AN-105 AN-107 AN-107 DT95-1 AC Load Switching with Chipswitch Microelectronic ... Original

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inverter pwm photovoltaic calculation of IGBT snubber ac motor speed control circuit ir2130 P-Channel MOSFET 600v SCR Gate Drive 9412 transistor transistors 9409 IR2130 APPLICATIONS IR2151 equivalent AN-948 DT-93-4 GBAN-PVI-1 datasheet abstract
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Abstract: Jul-95 DT95-1 Replacing Mechanical Relays W/ PVT412L PVT412L in FAX/Modem Designs 9501 2 Oct-95 ... Original

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DT92-5 500w power amplifier circuit diagram smps 500w half bridge 500W buck regulator 3 phase IGBT inverter design by ir2130 Mosfet driver IR2130 DOWNLOAD DT94-15 Drive circuit for IGBT using IR2130 3 phase inverter ir2130 dt94-9 SCR Gate Drive for ac to dc converter IR2130 with ac voltage controller datasheet abstract
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