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TMDXMDKDS3254 Texas Instruments Digital Stethoscope (DS) Analog Front End Module for the C5505 DS Medical Development Kit ri Buy
C332 Coilcraft Inc Designer's Kit, LPO2506I power inductorsRoHS ri Buy
P403 Coilcraft Inc Designer's Kit, current sensors, RoHS ri Buy


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Abstract: Kit Americas Part# International Part# Virtex-4 FX LC Development Kit DS-KIT-4VFX12LC DS-KIT-4VFX12 DS-KIT-4VFX12 LC-EURO Virtex-4 FX LC Kit with EDK DS-KIT-4VFX12LC-EDK DS-KIT-4VFX12LC-EDK-EURO With EDK, ISE Foundation and PC4 JTAG DS-KIT-4VFX12LC-ISE Contact Memec at 888.488.4133 ext. 251 or ... Original

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P160 p160 cpu mg027 vhdl code for lcd of xilinx DS-KIT-4VFX12LC-EDK Virtex-4 prototype platform board Xilinx Ethernet development LC SYSTEM BOARD DS-KIT-4VFX12 xilinx vhdl rs232 code 4VFX12 virtex-4 lc DS-KIT-4VFX12LC-EDK-EURO 4VFX12 abstract
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Abstract: AvBus expansion slot. Avnet DS-KIT-4VFX12LC Virtex-4 Low-Cost FX12 Design Kit Complete ... Original

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ADS-XLX-V4LX-DEV160-G ADS-XLX-V4FX-EVL12-G ISM Networking FMC Module AES-XLX-V5LXT-PCIE50-G DS-KIT-4VLX60MB-G AES-XLX-V5SXT-PCIE50-G DS-KIT-4VLX60MB SPARTAN-3 XC3S400 PQ208 AES-XLX-V5LXT-PCIE110 Virtex-5 LX50T virtex 5 fpga based image processing AES-XLX-V4FX-PCIE100-G AES-XLX-V5LX-EVL50-G AES-XLX-V5LX-EVL110-G AES-XLX-V5LX-EVL50-G abstract
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Abstract: , Virtex-4 FX LC UltraController-II board (DS-KIT-4VFX12LC) Virtex-II ... Original

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ace compiler DS-KIT-4VFX12 DS083 DS112 DS302 PPC405 UG012 UG113 virtex 5 lcd display controller XC4VFX60 VIRTEX4 DEVELOPMENT BOARD XC4VFX40 ug071 Xilinx lcd display controller ACE FLASH datasheet abstract
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Abstract: LX330 MXS3FK-PQ208-001-IM XC3S700AN-FG484 DS-KIT-4VLX60MB ADS-XLX-SP3-EVL400 AES-XLX-V4FX-PCIE100-G ADQ0007 AES-S6DEV-LX150T-G DS-KIT-FX12MM1-G Virtex-4QV Product Selection Guides Table of Contents (February 2010) Virtex Series . 2 Spartan Series . 6 CPLDs . ... Original

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SPARTAN-3 XC3S400 VIRTEX-5 LX110T XC95144XL prom VQ100 XA2C128 VIRTEX-5 LX110 FTG64 SPARTAN-3 XC3S400 based MXS3FK XC6SL camera-link to hd-SDI converter datasheet abstract
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Abstract: FMC AES-FMC-IMAGEOV-G XA3S1600E AES-XLX-V4FX-PCIE100-G XQ4VSX55 ADS-XLX-SP3-EVL1500 connector FMC LPC samtec DS-KIT-FX12MM1-G AES-S6DEV-LX150T-G Product Selection Guides Table of Contents (January 2010) Virtex Series . 2 Spartan Series . 6 CPLDs . ... Original

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vhdl code for lcd of spartan3E SPARTAN-3 XC3S400 PQ208 xc3s500e fg320 VIRTEX-5 LX110 XC3S700AN-FG484 AES-XLX-V5LXT-PCIE110 SPARTAN-3 XC3S400 pq208 architecture SPARTAN-3 XC3S400 based MXS3FK SPARTAN-3 XC3S400 xcf128x XC3S250E TQ144 STARTER KIT BOARD datasheet abstract
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