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SG-BGA-7008 Ironwood Electronics BGA Socket; Lid Type : Swivel; Interconnect/Media : Elastomer; Pitch mm : 0.4 to 0.75; Socket Speed (GHz): 10; Operating Temperature: -35 to 100 C; Insertions: 1700 ri Buy
SBT-QFN-4000 Ironwood Electronics Spring Pin (Pogo) Socket, QFN, 16pin ri Buy
PL-PLCC52-S-01 Ironwood Electronics PLCC Plug-in Adapters; Part Description: PLCC Plug Surface Mount; Top Pin Count: 52; Bottom Pin Count: 52; ri Buy


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Abstract: Kit Americas Part# International Part# Virtex-4 FX LC Development Kit DS-KIT-4VFX12LC DS-KIT-4VFX12 DS-KIT-4VFX12 LC-EURO Virtex-4 FX LC Kit with EDK DS-KIT-4VFX12LC-EDK DS-KIT-4VFX12LC-EDK-EURO With EDK, ISE Foundation and PC4 JTAG DS-KIT-4VFX12LC-ISE Contact Memec at 888.488.4133 ext. 251 or ... Original

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mg027 Xilinx Ethernet development P160 p160 cpu vhdl code for lcd of xilinx LC SYSTEM BOARD DS-KIT-4VFX12LC-EDK 4VFX12 virtex-4 lc Virtex-4 prototype platform board DS-KIT-4VFX12 xilinx vhdl rs232 code DS-KIT-4VFX12LC-EDK-EURO 4VFX12 abstract
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Abstract: AvBus expansion slot. Avnet DS-KIT-4VFX12LC Virtex-4 Low-Cost FX12 Design Kit Complete ... Original

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ISM Networking FMC Module ADS-XLX-V4FX-EVL12-G ADS-XLX-V4LX-DEV160-G DS-KIT-4VLX60MB-G AES-XLX-V5LXT-PCIE50-G SPARTAN-3 XC3S400 PQ208 AES-XLX-V5SXT-PCIE50-G DS-KIT-4VLX60MB AES-XLX-V5LXT-PCIE110 virtex 5 fpga based image processing Virtex-5 LX50T MXS3FK-PQ208-001-IM AES-XLX-V5LX-EVL50-G AES-XLX-V5LX-EVL110-G AES-XLX-V5LX-EVL50-G abstract
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Abstract: , Virtex-4 FX LC UltraController-II board (DS-KIT-4VFX12LC) Virtex-II ... Original

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ace compiler DS-KIT-4VFX12 DS083 DS112 DS302 PPC405 UG012 UG113 virtex 5 lcd display controller XC4VFX60 VIRTEX4 DEVELOPMENT BOARD XC4VFX40 ug071 Xilinx lcd display controller ACE FLASH datasheet abstract
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Abstract: LX330 MXS3FK-PQ208-001-IM XC3S700AN-FG484 DS-KIT-4VLX60MB ADS-XLX-SP3-EVL400 AES-XLX-V4FX-PCIE100-G ADQ0007 AES-S6DEV-LX150T-G DS-KIT-FX12MM1-G Virtex-4QV Product Selection Guides Table of Contents (February 2010) Virtex Series . 2 Spartan Series . 6 CPLDs . ... Original

44 pages,
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VIRTEX-5 LX110T SPARTAN-3 XC3S400 XC95144XL prom VIRTEX-5 LX110 VQ100 XA2C128 FTG64 SPARTAN-3 XC3S400 based MXS3FK XC6SL camera-link to hd-SDI converter datasheet abstract
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Abstract: XA3S1600E FMC AES-FMC-IMAGEOV-G AES-XLX-V4FX-PCIE100-G XQ4VSX55 ADS-XLX-SP3-EVL1500 DS-KIT-FX12MM1-G connector FMC LPC samtec AES-S6DEV-LX150T-G Product Selection Guides Table of Contents (January 2010) Virtex Series . 2 Spartan Series . 6 CPLDs . ... Original

46 pages,
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vhdl code for lcd of spartan3E xc3s500e fg320 VIRTEX-5 LX110 AES-XLX-V5LXT-PCIE110 XC3S700AN-FG484 SPARTAN-3 XC3S400 PQ208 SPARTAN-3 XC3S400 based MXS3FK SPARTAN-3 XC3S400 pq208 architecture SPARTAN-3 XC3S400 xcf128x XC3S250E TQ144 STARTER KIT BOARD datasheet abstract
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