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Abstract: DRCF124X Tentative Total pages page DRCF124X Silicon NPN epitaxial planar type For digital circuits Marking Symbol : Package Code : ML3-N4-B Internal Connection Absolute Maximum RatingsTa = 25 °C Parameter Collector-base voltage (Emitter open) Collector-emitter voltage (Base open) Collector current Total power dissipation Junction temperature Storage temperature Symbol Rating Unit VCBO VCEO IC PT Tj Tstg 50 50 100 100 150 -55 to +150 V V mA mW °C °C ... Original

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DRCF124X DRCF124X abstract
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Abstract: This product complies with the RoHS Directive (EU 2002/95/EC 2002/95/EC). DRCF124X Silicon NPN epitaxial planar type For digital circuits Complementary to DRAF124X DRAF124X DRC3124X DRC3124X in ML3 type package Features Low collector-emitter saturation voltage VCE(sat) Contributes to miniaturization of sets, mount area reduction Eco-friendly Halogen-free package Package Code ML3-N4-B Package dimension clicks here. Click! Packaging DRCF124X0L Embossed type (Thermo-compression sealing): 10000 pcs / reel (standard) Absolute ... Original

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2002/95/EC DRCF124X DRAF124X DRC3124X 2002/95/EC abstract
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Abstract: DB2W604 DB3J316F DZ2S068C DB2U308 DD5X062J DRCF143Z DRCF143Z ML3-N2-B C16 UP04A8MG UP04A8MG DME914C1 DME914C1 SSMini6-F3-B C26 UNRF2AT DRCF124X ... Original

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FK350601 MTM68423 FM6L5202 DSC5001 db3x DSC3F01 DSK3J02 DA3DF40 SSMini2-F5-B MA3DF50 DSKTJ04 2PG011 dg3d501 DA3DF50 ma3df25 datasheet abstract
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UNRF2AT Buy DRCF124X Buy Panasonic

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