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5962-9093203MEA Texas Instruments Dual Svs, 15V & Pgmmable W/Pgmmable Time Delay 16-CDIP -55 to 125 ri Buy
5962-9093203M2A Texas Instruments Dual Svs, 15V & Pgmmable W/Pgmmable Time Delay 20-LCCC -55 to 125 ri Buy
HS0-201HSRH-Q Intersil Corporation QUAD 1-CHANNEL, SGL POLE SGL THROW SWITCH, UUC15, 0.105 X 0.182 INCH, 0.190 INCH HEIGHT, ROHS COMPLIANT, DIE-15 ri Buy


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Abstract: 360mA � VDC 60mA MPC-X-15 MPC-X-15 DMPC-X-15 5 VDC 360mA MPC-Y-12 MPC-Y-12 DMPC-Y-12 DMPC-Y-12 MPC-Y-15 MPC-Y-15 ... Original

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ul 506 class 130 1N4002 DMPCY E63829 LM340K MPC-X-12 MPC-X-15 MPC-Y-12 MPC-Y-15 10MFD LM325N E66312 signal transformer DMPC-X-15 E66312 abstract
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Abstract: LR51265 Regulator II Size MPC-X-12 MPC-X-12 DMPC-X-12 DMPC-X-12 5 VDC 360mA � VDC 60mA X MPC-X-15 MPC-X-15 DMPC-X-15 ... Original

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1n4002 diode DMPC-X-15 E63829 LM325N LM340K mpc-x-15 MPC-X-12 LM341P-5.0 equivalent of diode 1N4001 1N4001 1N4001 1N4007 LM326N Transformer 115V 50V 1N4002 diode download datasheet 1500VRMS 115/230V 1500VRMS abstract
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Abstract: /A N/A DMPC-X-12B31 DMPC-X-12B31 DMPC-X-15B32 DMPC-Y-12B41 DMPC-Y-12B41 DMPC-Y-15B42 DMPC-Y-15B42 TWO PEARL BUCK COURT l BRISTOL ... Original

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PC1210 DMPC-Y-12B41 DMPC-Y-15B42 DMPC.Y. 12 DPC-10-90B53 DPC-16-260 DPC202 PC1024 PC12010 12020084 DPC28 15B42 dmpcy-12b41 datasheet abstract
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Abstract: ) MPC-X-15B12 MPC-X-15B12 DMPC-X-15B32 5V @ 360 mA 15V @ 50 mA X Mechanical Configuration MPC-Y-12B21 MPC-Y-12B21 ... Original

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4-12B6 4-36B26 40-5B68 14A-20-10B4 transformers b-1125 15A02 mb 14A-10-10B3 120V to 20V surface mount transformer PC16-260 12.6V 300mA transformer MT712 dmt-7 12b41 DMPC-Y-12B41 datasheet abstract
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