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TPD3E001DRY Texas Instruments DIODE UNIDIRECTIONAL, SILICON, TVS DIODE, Transient Suppressor ri Buy
TPD4E004DSFR Texas Instruments DIODE UNIDIRECTIONAL, SILICON, TVS DIODE, Transient Suppressor ri Buy
TPD2E001YFPR Texas Instruments DIODE UNIDIRECTIONAL, SILICON, TVS DIODE, LEAD FREE, DSBGA-4, Transient Suppressor ri Buy


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Abstract: collector current 45 ILM Peak switching current 100 I™ Peak diode forward current (1) 100 VGE Gate to , ,TJ=150°C vfm Diode forward voltage - maximum - 3.2 3.4 lF = 50A, VGE = 0V - 2.6 - lF=50A, Vgg=0V , Resistive load, Tj = 25°C Irr Diode peak recovery current - 35 - A Rg= 10Ì2,VCC = 600V trr Diode recovery time - 215 - ns lc = 50A Qrr Diode recovery charge - 4.5 - MC Vge = ±15V Qge Gate-to-emitter charge , resistance, junction tocase, each IGBT - 0.275 "C/W Rthjc (Diode) Thermal resistance, junction to case, each ... OCR Scan

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mosfet 600V 50A IRGNIN050M12 diode C516 c619 2g30 c619 DIODE IRGNIN050M12 abstract
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Abstract: Ordering number :EN1917A EN1917A N0.1917A I SB05-05CP SB05-05CP Schottky Barrier Diode 50V, 500mA Rectifier Applications · High frequency rectification (switching regulators, converters, choppers) Features · Low forward voltage (Vf max = 0.55V) · Fast reverse recovery time (trr max= 10ns) · Low switching noise · Low leakage current and high reliability due to highly reliable planar structure Absolute M , < 16 C u 5 d 0 > Curre nt waveform 50 Hz sine wave 'If v \ / \ ic O «- 20m5 t -1 * Q > u u d ... OCR Scan

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EN1917A SB05-05CP EN1917A abstract
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Abstract: 401m8 TRW catalogue syja7120-01 SYJ522 SYJA5120-M5 SYJA5220-M5 SYJA522 SYJ5000-22-1-Q IP65.) Indicator light 0.1 (With light only) Diode (Non-polarity type: Valistor) LED S, Z ... Original

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JIS C-3306 IEC60529 connector 26 pins SYJ3120-M3 SYJ3140-M5 triac b 941 ISO-6358 SMC Pneumatics SY100-33-3 SYJ3120-5G-M3-Q SY100-30-A VJ3000-13-1 EUS11-84 SYJ3000/5000/7000 EUS11-84 abstract
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