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1N5222B_T50A Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation Zener Diode ri Buy
1N5222B_T50R Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation Zener Diode ri Buy
1N5224B_T50R Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation Zener Diode ri Buy


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Abstract: Continuous collector current 45 ILM Peak switching current 100 I™ Peak diode forward current (1) 100 , €” V VGE=15V,lc=25A,TJ=150°C vfm Diode forward voltage - maximum — 3.2 3.4 lF = 50A, VGE = 0V â , °C Irr Diode peak recovery current — 35 — A Rg= 10Ì2,VCC = 600V trr Diode recovery time — 215 — ns lc = 50A Qrr Diode recovery charge — 4.5 — MC Vge = ±15V Qge Gate-to-emitter charge , resistance, junction tocase, each IGBT — 0.275 "C/W Rthjc (Diode) Thermal resistance, junction to case ... OCR Scan

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mosfet 600V 50A IRGNIN050M12 c619 2g30 diode C516 c619 DIODE TEXT
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Abstract: Ordering number :EN1917A EN1917A N0.1917A I SB05-05CP SB05-05CP Schottky Barrier Diode 50V, 500mA Rectifier Applications · High frequency rectification (switching regulators, converters, choppers) Features · Low forward voltage (Vf max = 0.55V) · Fast reverse recovery time (trr max= 10ns) · Low switching noise · Low leakage current and high reliability due to highly reliable planar structure Absolute M , < 16 C u 5 d 0 > Curre nt waveform 50 Hz sine wave 'If v \ / \ ic O «- 20m5 t -1 * Q > u u d ... OCR Scan

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EN1917A SB05-05CP TEXT
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Abstract: SYJ522 SYJ5000-22-1-Q SYJA522 IP65.) Indicator light 0.1 (With light only) Diode (Non-polarity type: Valistor) LED S, Z ... SMC

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connector 26 pins IEC60529 JIS C-3306 NECA4202 M8 SS5YJ3-32 SS5YJ3-41-M5 SYJ3000-22-1-Q SYJ3120-M3 SYJ3140-M5 SY100-33-3 triac b 941 ISO-6358 SYJ314M SMC Pneumatics EUS11-84 SYJ3000/5000/7000 SYJ3120-5G-M3-Q EUS11-84 SYJ3000/5000/7000 VJ3000-13-1 EUS11-84 SYJ3000/5000/7000 SY100-30-A EUS11-84 SYJ3000/5000/7000 EUS11-84 EUS11-84 SYJ3000/5000/7000 SYJ3000/5000/7000 TEXT
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