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Abstract: DC1427 TO THE DC1427A Figure 1 shows the connections to the DC1427A. Refer to the Controlled demo circuit , isolated portion of DC1427A. Do not draw current from this point Options Isolated Supply Options , QUICK START GUIDE FOR DEMONSTRATION CIRCUIT DC1427A I2C/SMBUS/PMBUS CONTROLLER DESCRIPTION The , START GUIDE FOR DEMONSTRATION CIRCUIT DC1427A I2C/SMBUS/PMBUS CONTROLLER QUICK START PROCEDURE Do NOT plug in DC1427A before running the installation program. Download the LT Powerplay
Linear Technology
DC1427 V2101 DCDC1427A LT3439 PMBUS V21-01


Abstract: eeprom PROGRAMMING using i2c Technology USB to I2C/SMBus/PMBus Controller. DC1427A or DC1613. DEMO SYSTEM REQUIRED HARDWARE Windows PC USB to I2C/SMBus/PMBus Controller (either DC1427A or DC1613) DC1508A DEMO SYSTEM REQUIRED , LTC2978. Download and Ltpowerplay.com install the LTpowerPlay If you have a DC1427A, plug , . DC1427A Ribbon Cable Installation LTC2978 If you have a DC1613, plug the ribbon cable into J6. see
Linear Technology
eeprom PROGRAMMING using i2c USB TO I2C


Abstract: LTSP files are available from LTC Applications Engineering. LTC SMBusTM Dongle DC1427A (or DC590B PMBus , DC1427A SMBus Dongle (or DC590B-PMBus Ugrade) is required for PC interface and to interactively run the , Figure 2. 6. Connect the ribbon cable from DC1427A SMBus Dongle to DC1360A-J4 (or DC590B-PMBus Ugrade) to DC1360A-J6. 7. Plug in the DC1427A SMBus Dongle (or DC590B-PMBus Ugrade) into a USB port on your , DC1427A drives WDI/RESETB R18 BIGPWR DC1427A sources BIGPWR OPEN OPEN INSTALLED R72 R73 R74
Linear Technology
LTC4603EV LTSP LTC460 LTSpice DC1540A DC1361A DC1360A DC1360A/DC1361A LTM4603
Abstract: to I2C/SMBus/ PMBus Controller, DC1613A or DC1427A. DEMO SYSTEM REQUIRED HARDWARE n n n Windows PC I2C/SMBus/PMBus USB to DC1427A Controller, DC1613A or n Telemetry readback , USB CABLE USB to RIBBON CABLE Dongle DC1613A or DC1427A I2C/PMBus LTC3880 PROGRAMMING , DC1427A, plug the ribbon cable into J1 (see Figure 3). If you have a DC1613A, plug the ribbon cable into , Disconnect the USB cable from the DC1427A/DC1613A before removing or inserting a LTC3880 into the Linear Technology
DC1709A LTC3880EUJ LTC3880-1 DC1709

m7 smd diodes

Abstract: smd diode E17 . To get this demo system up and running, connect the DC1540A to your computer using a DC1427A or a , Controller (DC1427A or DC1613A) LTpowerPlay GUI DC1540A Configuration Files LTC2978 Resistor Selection , DC1427A, connect to J4 on DC1360A as shown below. Figure 3. DC1427A Connection Figure 4. DC1613 , J5 Optional header for wiring into target system DC1427A Header JP5 J1 connector to , Allows Faults to Propagate Between Boards. R17 ALERTB Allow DC1427A to Receive ALERTB OPEN
Linear Technology
m7 smd diodes smd diode E17 smd diode E7 H12 smd transistor manual substitution FREE DOWNLOAD transistor manual substitution LTM4603EV LTC29
Abstract: TP9 TP7 +3.3V TO DC1427A C V+ 3.3V GND SCK/SCL MISO CS MOSI/SDA GND EESDA EEVCC Linear Technology
VDD33 VDD25 CHP33 CHP25 TP0101K-T1-E3 24LC025-I/SN
Abstract: _1 OUTEN_0 OUTEN_1 GND AUXSCL AUXSDA SYNC SC TO DC1427A (OPT) J10 SC R77 0 E14 Linear Technology
MMBT3906LT BSC011N03LSI 350KH LT1129CS8-3 LT1129CS8-5 TP0101K
Abstract: AUXSDA J10 TO DC1427A (OPT) VCC J9 V+ 1 3.3V or 5V2 GND 3 SCK/SCL4 MISO 5 CS 6 7 Linear Technology
DC1753A 3880EUJ DC1753A-A DC1753A-B LTC3880EUJ-1