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Abstract: DEMO MANUAL DC043 Micropower A/D Demo Board DEMO MANUAL DC043 LTC1286 LTC1286 Micropower 12-Bit A/D , 10 1 0.1k 1k 10k SAMPLE RATE (kHz) 100k LT1286/98 LT1286/98 G03 DC043 · BP01 Actual Size , D6 D5 D4 RDY DATA GND 12 13 14 15 DC043 · SD GND D11 11 16 D10 , +IN 2 LTC1286 LTC1286 8 VREF 1 SCHEMATIC DIAGRAM W W TOP VIEW DEMO MANUAL DC043 DEMO MANUAL DC043 PARTS LIST REFERENCE DESIGNATOR PART NUMBER DESCRIPTION VENDOR C1 to C4, C7 ... Linear Technology

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U5c 74hc14 74HC595 AND SPECIFICATIONS application note with 74hc595 BP01 DC043 gerber file of inverter 74hc14 GS JP62 IC 74HC14 ST MAKE lt-c126 74HC14 an RM 602 manual LTC1286 74hc14 philips MC74HC161D PC401 solder mask TAJC106K025R 74HCXXX LTC1268 TEXT
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Abstract: OF CONTACTS MODEL NO AM DC-043 AMDC-044 AMDC-044 AM D C-045 C-045 AMDC-046 AMDC-046 AM D C-047 C-047 AMDC ... OCR Scan

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C047 C045 TEXT
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Description Price DC043A LTC1286CS8 LTC1286CS8 | MICROPOWER 12-BIT 12-BIT SERIAL I/O ADC BOARD $50.00 Order
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