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74VHC161284MTDX_NL Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation 13 LINE TRANSCEIVER, PDSO48, 6.10 MM, MO-153, TSSOP-48 ri BuyFREE Buy
74VHC161284MTD Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation 13 LINE TRANSCEIVER, PDSO48, 6.10 MM, MO-153, TSSOP-48 ri BuyFREE Buy
PCRHA660S9AK6 Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation 600V, 6A, 1.67V, KGDHyperfast Diode, Probed Die in Tape and Reel, 2500/TAPE REEL ri Buy

CX88168-13 Datasheet

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CX88168-13 Rockwell Single Chip Modem (SCM)

76 pages,
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Abstract: 102155A March 7, 2003 SmartSCM Last Time Buy Notice Product Affected: CX88168-11 CX88168-11 (SmartSCM/56), CX88168-12 CX88168-12 (SmartSCM/33), CX88168-13 (SmartSCM/14) Conexant Systems, Inc. is committed to offering its valued customers quality products at the lowest possible prices. To ensure that commitment, Conexant from time to time must evaluate the features and costeffectiveness of its current product lines. Conexant has determined that the SmartSCM products and their associated device sets are being discontinued. ... Original

2 pages,
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SmartSCM CX88168-13 CX88168 CX88168-12 Conexant cx88168 CX88168-11 datasheet abstract
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Abstract: TEMT 2100 c22 vhz - Y Y Y SmartSCM/14 DS96-L853-041 DS96-L853-041 CX88168-13 20463-11 - - - Y - SmartSCM/14S DS96-L853-051 DS96-L853-051 CX88168-13 20463-11 20437-11 - - Y Y ... Original

76 pages,
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CX88168-13 d970 gsm modem CX20437 CX88168-12 DS56-L145-071 Conexant cx88168 telephone handset circuit HB 8406 RD00-D970 ZENER Diode b212 "dib transformer" Satellite modem chip CX20463 CX88168 CX20463 CX88168 abstract
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Abstract: ZENER Diode b212 CX88168-12 CX88168-12 CX88168-12 CX88168-12 CX88168-13 CX88168-13 CX88168-11 CX88168-11 CX88168-11 CX88168-11 Line Side Device (LSD) [32-Pin TQFP] Part ... Original

88 pages,
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cx20463 smartscm 56 CX88168-12 cx88168-11 Conexant smartdaa 20463-11 CX88168 CX20463 CX20437 100490D CX88168 abstract
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