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CX24108 Conexant Systems Digital Satellite Tuner RF lC Original


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Abstract: digital infotainment products Digital Satellite Tuner RF lC CX24108 Highly Integrated, Complete Broadband Satellite Front-End Solution Conexant's CX24108 is our second generation direct , combined with the HM1221 QPSK demodulator/FEC IC, the CX24108 provides a complete broadband satellite , and DSS. The highly integrated CX24108 satellite tuner RF IC reduces DBS tuner BOM cost and simplifies RF layout. Following the integrated LNA, the CX24108 downconverts the satellite carrier Conexant Systems
conexant HM1221 Conexant CX24108 block diagram satellite transponder 8253 architecture china phone BLOCK diagram satellite transponder layout
Abstract: , and residential gateways. In addition, when combined with the CX24108 Satellite Tuner RF ICs, the Conexant Systems
CX24130 BPSK demodulator BPSK DEMODULATORS BPSK DEMODULATION viterbi viterbi algorithm 101615B
Abstract: digital infotainment products QPSK/BPSK Demodulator lC CX24110 High-Performance, Low-Power Broadband Satellite Front-End Solution Combining Conexant's experience in broadband systems and mixed-signal integrated circuit design, the CX24110 is the ideal solution for a wide variety of applications in DVB/DSS set-top and PC receivers, digital VCRs, and single/multiple-channel per carrier receivers. When combined with the CX24108 satellite tuner RF IC, the CX24110 provides a complete broadband Conexant Systems
dvb circuit diagram satellite phone system cx24110 datasheet
Abstract: CX23880/CX23881/CX23882/CX23883 PCI Audio/Video Broadcast Decoder Data Sheet 101069A August 2002 Ordering Information Model Number Package Operating Temperature CX23880/CX23881/CX23882/CX23883 176-pin LQFP 0 to +70 oC Revision History Revision Level Date A Preliminary August 2002 Description Created Related Documents CX23490 HD Theater MPEG2 Decoder Data Sheet CX22702 COFDM Demodulator Data Sheet CX24110 QPSK Demodulator Data Sheet CX24108 Satellite Conexant Systems
CX23883 CX23880 cx23888 CX23882 CX2388x tv tuner bt 878 CX25870/871
Abstract: Demodulator Data Sheet CX24108 Satellite Tuner Data Sheet CX25870 Flicker Filter Encoder Data Sheet vie Conexant Systems
B58 258 24c02 Fusion 878A schematic conexant fusion 878A Fusion 878A BT878 fae 332 tuner CX23880/CX23881 656/VIP