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MSP430-3P-CORE-I2C-ANALYZER Texas Instruments CAS-1000-I2C visit Texas Instruments
PMP2702 Texas Instruments Faraday / Curie core supply visit Texas Instruments
PMP4603 Texas Instruments universal CURIE core supply visit Texas Instruments
HIP6302CBZ-T Intersil Corporation Microprocessor CORE Voltage Regulator Multiphase Buck PWM Controller; SOIC16; Temp Range: 0° to 70° visit Intersil Buy


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Abstract: 50CS400 28250366 Fax:+86 22 28306117 www.huigao-magnetics.com High Frequency Transformers Ferrite Core The selection of the ferrite core type for a specific transformer depends on the design parameters and the designer's personal preferences. The indicative power capacity for different core types (chart below) provides a general guideline for an initial core selection. Power range (W) Core type using N67* grade , 100-200 ETD34; ETD39; ETD44; P36; E30; E42; EFD30 200-500 ETD44; ETD49; E55 >500 ETD54
Tianjin Huigao Magnetics
EI114 50CS400 E19 CORE TRANSFORMER transformer ETD34 design CORE N67 ETD49 E55 ferrite core FERRITE TRANSFORMER etd34 P11/7 P14/8 EFD15 ETD29 EFD20 EFD25

EC35 Siemens ferrite core

Abstract: Siemens Ferrite n67 , ungapped cores S+M recommendations for core shape/material q large E/ETD, RM/PM cores made of N27, N67 , In the case of small air gaps (max. 0,2 mm) the air gap can be ground into only one core half. In , permeability e from the ring core characteristics (see table of material properties). It should be noted at , showing the construction of a P or RM core set with a total air gap s, comprising 2 core halves (1 and 2 , in positioning the threaded sleeve in the core. The tight fit of the threaded sleeve is regularly
EC35 Siemens ferrite core Siemens Ferrite n67 etd59 siemens Siemens Ferrite n67 RM ETD29 siemens Transformer N41 250

siemens ferrite n22 p14

Abstract: Siemens Ferrite B65541 former, yoke ETD49 core ETD49 coil former, yoke B66370 B66371 B66372 B66375 B66379 B66381 , Considerations Standards and Specifications 177 181 RM Cores 185 PM Cores 287 P Cores P Core , , fast and competent Contents Selector Guide 11 RM cores PM cores P cores P core halves , µa 105 105 105 106 106 107 108 3 3.1 3.2 3.3 Magnetic core shape characteristics , 111 111 4.5 Defining quantities in the power sector 112 5.1 Core losses PV 112
Siemens Matsushita Components
siemens ferrite n22 p14 Siemens Ferrite B65541 ETD54 n62 U93 QUANTA ARALDITE ay 105 EC70 N27 B66358 B66358-G-X127

Siemens Ferrite B65541

Abstract: TESLA mh 7400 Core Halves (P Cores for Proximity Switches) 299 399 EP Cores E Cores 415 433 U and UI , RM cores 11 PM cores 13 P cores (pot cores) 14 P core halves (P cores for proximity , µa 113 113 113 114 114 115 116 3 3.1 3.2 3.3 Magnetic core shape characteristics , sector Core losses PV Performance factor (f · Bmax ) 120 120 121 6 Siemens Matsushita , Cores for power applications Core shapes and materials Correlation: Applications ­ core shape/material
Siemens Matsushita Components
TESLA mh 7400 mh 7400 tesla MDT 760 THYRISTOR ARALDITE HY 956 EPF S20 Siemens Ferrite B64290


Abstract: Siemens Ferrite B65541 P Cores P Core Halves for Proximity Switches (incl. PS Cores) TT/PR Cores 309 399 413 E , (pot cores) 15 P core halves and PS cores 17 TT/PR cores 17 E cores 18 ELP , , AL1 value 113 113 113 114 114 115 116 3 3.1 3.2 3.3 Magnetic core shape , 118 118 119 119 5 5.1 5.2 Definition quantities in the high-excitation range Core losses , 4.2.2 4.2.3 4.2.4 4.2.5 4.3 4.4 4.5 Cores for power applications Core shapes and materials
PA 6/6 GF30 SIEMENS ferrite ei core n27 CRASTIN SO 655 IEC 60205 Luvocom B64290-A38

Siemens Ferrite N47

Abstract: N22 Schalenkern T37 T44 T38 T42 N59 N47 N49 N62 N27 N67 N87 N72 N41 N61 40 40 41 42 44 46 48 49 , 25301-003 IEC 1185 CECC 25301-004 IEC 51 (CO) 295 ETD59 IEC 51 (CO) 295 ETD44 ETD49
Siemens Ferrite N47 N22 Schalenkern EFD20 trafo R6KE siemens rm8 T35 siferrit n27 D-81617

Siemens Ferrite B65541

Abstract: B62110 no. consists of three main fields: 1st. eg. B65517 gives core family and size. 2nd. eg. D160 number gives AL value of pot- PM- or RMcore or size of bead or toroid. If number is absent, core is , , L & P indicate coated ring core, A is uncoated. In bobbins and formers this letter indicates style , indicate the adjuster required. When using an adjuster a threaded core will be required. 9 & 11mm non-SMD , limit bobbin movement, -200*- or -5002- are used to insulate core from PCB. Bobbin window winding areas
B62110 EC70 CORES EC35 Siemens ferrite core data sheet B62110A3007X22 B64290L44X27 N47 epcos B65931 B67350 B67350A1X27 FR538