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Abstract: CME555; Axiom CMD565 CMD565 Abatron BDI 2000; P&E Windows 95/98/ 2000/ ME/NT C/C+, EC+, PowerPC , CME555; Axiom CMD565 CMD565 Abatron BDI 2000; P&E ELF/DWARF 1.0; Motorola S-Record 4.2.5 MMC2001 MMC2001 ... Motorola

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68HC16Y1 applied microsystems powertap emulator ETAS MPC565 EVB 68HC705B32 68HC908JL3 motorola 68hc11a8 eeprom x68hc705 Sun Ultra 5 motorola hc11 schematic programmer SCHEMATIC ATI graphics card motorola 68hc05 schematic programmer CME-555 SG1011/D 68HC11P2 SG1011/D TRACE32 jtag target cable HC12 SG1011/D CodeTAP SG1011/D M68EM08AS60 SG1011/D 68HC908JB8 SG1011/D motorola 68hc11 schematic programmer SG1011/D 68hc811e2 SG1011/D 68HC11KA4 SG1011/D SG1011/D SG1011/D TEXT
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# ETAS_MPC5xx.cfg # This file sets up a basic board initialization of # Motorola/ETAS EVB555 EVB555 and EVB565 EVB565 evaluation boards. It can # also initialize the MPC555 MPC555 MSIL MPC555FADS MPC555FADS board # and the Axiom CME-555 boards with changes noted below. # Modified to select between MPC555 MPC555 and MPC565 MPC565 # Version 2.1 Randy Dees June 04, 2000 # references to the MPC555 MPC555 User's Manual MSIL 555FADS 555FADS board #@ board = "FADS" # Uncomment the following line for the Axiom CME-555 board #@
Motorola 25/09/2000 8.29 Kb CFG mpc5xx.cfg