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CD430860A Datasheet

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CD430860A Powerex Power Semiconductors POW-R-BLOK Dual SCR Isolated Module 60 Amperes / Up to 1600 Volts

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Abstract: Powerex Thyristor Dual SCR Modules 7/3/2003 1200V CM4308A2 CM4308A2 CM4312A2 CM4312A2 CM4316A2 CM4316A2 CD430840A CD430840A CD431240A CD431240A CD431640A CD431640A CM430855 CM430855 CM431255 CM431255 CM431655 CM431655 CD430860A CD431260A CD431260A CD431660A CD431660A CD430890A CD430890A CM430890 CM430890 CD431290A CD431290A CM431290 CM431290 CD431690A CD431690A CM431690 CM431690 150A CD630815A CD630815A CD631215A CD631215A CD631615A CD631615A 200A CM530820 CM530820 CM531220 CM531220 CM531620 CM531620 210A ND430821 ND430821 ND431221 ND431221 ND431621 ND431621 ND432021 ND432021 250A ND430825 ND430825 ND431225 ND431225 ND431625 ND431625 ND432025 ND432025 TM400DZ-H TM400DZ-H TM400DZ-24 TM400DZ-24 ... Original

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25A 1200V CD431240A CD431260 CD431260A CD431640A CD431690A CM430855 CM4316A2 transistor 800v 150A SCR 2400V thyristor module 90A 1600V 430A thyristor thyristor DATASHEET datasheet abstract
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