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Abstract: TITLE DOCUMENT No. REV PAGE CABLE-RG400 - 1 of 2 RG400 RG400 Cable Specifications M17/128-RG400 M17/128-RG400 This group of cable includes familiar RG cable part numbers that have been superseded by MIL-C-17 MIL-C-17 numbers and alternative custom cable with improved electrical performance over standard M17 cables. The cables have been grouped by outside diameter. All standard cables supplied by , TITLE DOCUMENT No. PAGE CABLE-RG400 RG400 RG400 Cable Specifications M17/128-RG400 M17/128-RG400 REV - 2 ... Original

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MIL-C-17 BNC SPEC 128RG400 rg400 bnc 128-RG400 rg-400 RG400 cable M17/128-rg400 RG400 CABLE-RG400 M17/128-RG400 RG400 abstract
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Abstract: ETH2-1102A max2799 SB612 Arinc 600 Series Rack & Panel Rectangular Connectors Arinc 600 Series Contents Overview · Benefits. · Applications . · Technical Characteristics . · How to Built an Arinc . · Connector Part Number . ... Original

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Souriau J E5 D1 M 8660-202 8660-2298E 8660-2488 ARINC 600 Connector en3375-004 souriau hb 810 souriau arinc 600 coax pin size 8 8660 223 200 01 souriau 8660 souriau 8660-249 ASNE0807WX26 datasheet abstract
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