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CA2812H Motorola Wideband Linear Amplifiers Scan
CA2812H N/A Historical semiconductor price guide (US$ - 1998). From our catalog scanning project. Scan


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Abstract: '¢ Unconditional Stability Under All Mismatch Conditions MAXIMUM RATINGS CA2812 CA2812H 30 dB 1-520 MHz 300 , CASE 714P-01, STYLE 1 CA2812 SIP CASE 826-01, STYLE 5 CA2812H Characteristic Symbol Min Typ Max Unit , Manufacturer CA2812, CA2812H 32.0 31.0 30.0 m" $ 29.0 j - \\ - io va S , RF DEVICE DATA 5-43 This Material Copyrighted By Its Respective Manufacturer CA2812, CA2812H 0 100 -
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fh 520 714R MOTOROLA wideband hybrid MOTOROLA wideband hybrid amplifiers
Abstract: MOTOROLA S E M IC O N D U C T O R TECHNICAL DATA The RF Line CA2812 CA2812H 30 dB 1-520 MHz 300 mWATT W IDEBAND LINEAR AMPLIFIERS W id e b a n d L in e a r A m p lif ie r s . . d e sign e d for am plifier ap p lications in 50 to 100 o h m sy st e m s requiring w ide bandw idth, lo w n oise and low distortion. T h is hybrid p ro vid es excellent gain stability with tem perature an d , Range Stora ge Tem perature Range CASE 826-01, STYLE 5 CA2812H ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (T c " -
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