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RI-STU-251B-01 Texas Instruments RI-STU-251B-01 Series 2000 Reader S251B ri Buy
RI-I16-114A-01 Texas Instruments Tag-it(TM) HF-I Standard Transponder Inlays 24.2-mm Circular 0-RFIDN -25 to 70 ri Buy
RI-I11-114A-01 Texas Instruments Tag-it(TM) HF-I Standard Transponder Inlays Square 0-RFIDN -25 to 70 ri Buy

CA-QFE128SD-K-Z-01 Datasheet

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CA-QFE128SD-K-Z-01 Ironwood Electronics Probing Adapters: QFP w/ZIF Sockets; Top Package Code: QFE128SD; Bottom Package Code: QFE128SD; Top Pitch (mm): 0.4; Bottom Pitch (mm): 0.4; Top Pin Count: 128; Bottom Pin Count: 128; Top Interface: Clam-Shell ZIF; Bottom Interface: Bottom Termination; Header Spacing (mm): N/A; IC Package Lead Tip to Tip (mm): 16 x 16; Compatible Part 1: SF-QFE128SD-K-01; Part Description: QFP Probing Adaptor;

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Abstract: Materials and specifications are subject to change without notice. CA-QFE128SD-K-Z-01 Drawing © 2002 , : CA-QFE128SD-K-Z-01 Modified: ... Original

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SF-QFE128SD-K-01 CA-QFE128SD-K-Z-01 Enplas drawings FPQ-128-0 Enplas Enplas fpq datasheet abstract
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Abstract: Ironwood Electronics PB.1 Probing Adapters We offer probing adapters and logic analyzer adapters for all SMT package types, as well as socket probes for DIP and PLCC. We are Agilent and Tektronix partners. In addition, we offer adapters to facilitate the use of in-circuit emulators and FPGA development systems. · · · · · · · · BGA and LGA Probing Systems . . . . . page PB.3 thru DIP Socket Probes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . page PLCC Probing Adapters ... Original

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SO48D SP-PLCC32-PGA-01 tektronix 463 TEXTOOL zif socket TLA700 QFP 128 lead .5mm plcc68 socket PB-BGA256E-01 PLCC52 socket PB-BGA256J-Z-01 PLCC44 socket plcc20 socket SO8A datasheet abstract
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