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C42 USL 432-600E Kraus & Naimer SWIT Date Code: NA 12 from $55.51 (Nov 2016) Area51 Buy
C42-26-B-S-1-G - - 21 from $0.75 (Feb 2017) Quest Components Buy
C420 Coilcraft Designer's Kit, LPS5030 power inductors, RoHS, halogen-free 5 from -.00 (Jan 2017) Coilcraft Direct Buy
C420 Coilcraft Inductor Kits & Accessories LPS5030 Low Profile 0.9-4700uH Values (Dec 2016) Mouser Electronics Buy
C420-0 Captive Fastener - 215 (Jan 2017) Bisco Industries Buy
C420-1 Captive Fastener - 31 (Feb 2017) Bisco Industries Buy
C420-1C1 Captive Fastener - 254 (Feb 2017) Bisco Industries Buy
C420-1CC Captive Fastener - 130 (Feb 2017) Bisco Industries Buy
C420-2 Captive Fastener - 44 (Jan 2017) Bisco Industries Buy
C420-271 Jbc Tools Tip; shovel; 1.5mm; for JBC-HT-A hot tweezers 7 from $33.73 (Feb 2017) TME Electronic Components Buy
C420-273 Jbc Tools Tip; shovel; 4mm; for JBC-HT-A hot tweezers 1 from $40.25 (Aug 2016) TME Electronic Components Buy
C420-275 Jbc Tools Tip; shovel; 8mm; for JBC-HT-A hot tweezers 7 from $37.63 (Jan 2017) TME Electronic Components Buy
C420-281 Jbc Tools Tip; special; 3.5mm 2 from $14.75 (Jan 2017) TME Electronic Components Buy
C420-282 Jbc Tools Tip; special; 3.5mm 2 from $14.71 (Jan 2017) TME Electronic Components Buy
C420-2C Captive Fastener - 41 (Jan 2017) Bisco Industries Buy
C420-3 Captive Fastener - 99 (Jan 2017) Bisco Industries Buy
C4200 Hubbell REPLACEMENT COLLAR, ADJUSTABLE, 1.03INCH; Product Range:- from $61.21 (Nov 2016) Newark element14 Buy
C4200 Hubbell REPL FB ADJ COLLAR from $57.59 (Nov 2016) Sager Buy
C4200A.30.10 General Cable 3C/16 19/.0117TC OA SH CMG 9,000 from $653.25 (Nov 2016) Area51 Buy
C4200A.30.10 General Cable CABLE 3COND 16AWG GRY SHLD 1000' from $543.5040 (Jan 2017) Digi-Key Buy


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Abstract: 24c166 cable similar to one from W. L. Gore (http://www.wlgore.com/) P/N 2MMA3193-01 2MMA3193-01 adapts the 2mm Z-Pack to , connector type is an Amp Z-Pack 2mm header. A cable similar to one from W. L. Gore (http://www.wlgore.com , C37 C38 C39 C40 C41 C42 C43 C44 C45 C46 C47 .1ufd .01ufd .1ufd ... Lattice Semiconductor

16 pages,
639.55 Kb

8x2 connector header 5x5 fuse CON96 JP13 W. L. Gore JP16 JP32 JP35 2N3906 A24 am30p PT25D n20 fuse C42 GORE M33 fuse ORSO/ORT82G5 B27 fuse ORSO/ORT82G5 debounce IC ORSO/ORT82G5 ak25p ORSO/ORT82G5 relay5v ORSO/ORT82G5 2N3906 A30 ORSO/ORT82G5 ORSO/ORT82G5 ORSO/ORT82G5 TEXT
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Abstract: 221T-10 222SG14M11 11.5 CMM - C26 31 29.8 14 CMM - C34 39 29.8 17 CMM - C42 47 33.8 18 , 30-2324 - SS CRIMPED POWER/ COAXIAL PTFE cellular GORE : CSS 1022 K ALCATEL : 96 452 s Male ... Argenta Elektronik

48 pages,
2770.85 Kb

3043X 9525-F0033 C12238 K1131 C12415 C13024 C12468-B nicomatic see nicomatic c42 222 nicomatic C12929 221VL nicomatic cmm 220 cmm220 222SG C12468 C13064-P nicomatic cmm 221 TEXT
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Abstract: CT1112 c5253 transistor murata msh PE464U4 R141 237 000 rd msh 73D34 -30 Cable connector HONDA RMCA-E26F1S-A RMCA-E26F1S-A Shroud HONDA RMCA-E26L1A RMCA-E26L1A Coaxial cable GORE ... Analog Devices

76 pages,
838.83 Kb

AD1854 AD1871 psdsoft express 8.6 ADSP-TS101S ADSP-TS101 transistor p710 TEXT
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Abstract: d2060 transistor D2165 c828* npn AB17A -01 manufactured by W.L. Gore (www.wlgore.com). OR4E FPGA Ver 2.0 3 4/1/2002 Lattice Semiconductor Corp , _1_06 1 6 5 4 C134 C39 C40 C41 C42 +3.3V BANANA VDDio VDDio +2.5V +1.5V TSW-103-07-T TSW-103-07-T -D ... Analog Devices

89 pages,
1239.05 Kb

AA15 Fairchild C167 loader link xc2s200 transisTOR C123 sot23-5 a17 f21 diode sot23 honda 20 pin connector pinout cooper CERTIFICATE ADSP-TS101S h1 sot23-5 transistor m21 sot23 A10 sot23-5 L0DA fairchild aa11 m21 sot23 transistor 61a3 mosfet TEXT
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Abstract: d5c6 ADSP-21160MKB-80X 64KX32-SBSRAM C468 0.1U C4S C 4_âL o J L C 4 2 Î_ Q,1 U| C 42L . C42L C 43L , C43 0.1U C42 , R27 R26 R25 R24 w - 15 -V S A 15 _C43 22P _C42 10P _C41 10P OP -T -< H > CPU_HCLK 4 BAN_HCLK , Ì W 5 2 S Ì .VGA GORE VGA 2.5V VCC5 O - X C287 :263 1U 16V 0805. 0 5 ] 0. 1U T ... Analog Devices

74 pages,
748.39 Kb

ADSP-21160M honda plug pinout adsp-21160 pinout ADSP-21160 PQFP128 RMCA-26J AD1881A RMCA-E26F1S-A ADSP-21160N TRANSISTOR c104 honda 20 pin connector pinout PLM250S40T1 RMCA-26JL-AD TR9CC2000LCP-Y IDC7X2 ADSP-21160 Hardware Design Manual Y4A16 TEXT
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