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BUH313D N/A Shortform Data and Cross References (Misc Datasheets)

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Abstract: ICM Ib Ibm Ptot Tstg Tj February 1991 289 BUH313D THERMAL DATA Rthj-i Thermal , , duty cycle 1.5 % Safe Operating Areas Thermal Impedance 2/5 SGS-THOMSON 290 BUH313D , Z! SGS-THOMSON 3/5 291 BUH313D Switching Time Resistive Load G C 32480 BASE DRIVE , MOMSLIiOTRMSES 292 /= T SGS-THOMSON BUH313D Figure 1: Test Circuits for Dynamic Characterization. F ... OCR Scan

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BUH313D datasheet abstract
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Abstract: isc Product Specification INCHANGE Semiconductor isc Silicon NPN Power Transistor BUH313D DESCRIPTION ·High Switching Speed ·High Voltage ·Built-in Integrated Diode APPLICATIONS ·Horizontal deflection stage in standard and high resolution Displays for TV's and monitors. ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS(Ta=25) SYMBOL PARAMETER VALUE UNIT VCBO Collector-Base Voltage 1300 V VCEO , BUH313D ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS TC=25 unless otherwise specified SYMBOL PARAMETER CONDITIONS ... Original

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TRANSISTOR 1300 high voltage diodes BUH313D E 3A diode IC 3A 1300 3A BUH313D abstract
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Abstract: rz7 SGS-THOMSON BUH313D CRT HORIZONTAL DEFLECTION HIGH VOLTAGE NPN FASTSWITCHING TRANSISTOR . , Temperature 150 °C February 1991 7^237 0050470 L.24 1/5 289 BUH313D THERMAL DATA Rthj-case Thermal , Operating Areas Thermal Impedance BUH313D Derating Curves DC Current Gain 100 50 , 1.3 1.7 2.1 2.5 la2(A) 7=12=1237 005fi4fl0 262 3/5 291 BUH313D Switching Time Resistive Load , , f= frequency of oscillation during retrace. 4/5 292 7^237 0D56461 0D56461 111 BUH313D Figure 1: Test ... OCR Scan

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BUH313D BUH313D abstract
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Abstract: BU808DFI BU808DFI * BU810 BU810 * BUH313A BUH313A BUH313D BUH315 BUH315 A BUH315D BUH315D BUH417 BUH417 BUH515A BUH515A BUH515D BUH515D BUH517 BUH517 BUH517D BUH517D BUH715 BUH715 A ... OCR Scan

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TDA7273 ic 1500w audio amplifier circuit zener diode color coding guide amplifier circuit tda2030 5.1 TDA2030A z80 ef9345 SDA5343 TV horizontal Deflection Systems 220v 300w ac regulator circuit 220v ac to 5v dc 10w smps CQFP100 CQFP-100 ET9400 EF6801/04/05 ET9400 abstract
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Abstract: p. BUH313 BUH313* BUH313D BUH315 BUH315 r BUH315D BUH315D # BUH417 BUH417 f B U H 515* 7^-B U H 5 1 5 D ^)^ BUH517 BUH517* BUH715 BUH715 ... OCR Scan

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1117 S Transistor tda2050 bridge tv vertical deflection transistor tda2050 amplifier circuits NPN smps power Transistor STV2110 500w power amplifier stereo TV horizontal Deflection Systems 220v 300w ac regulator circuit 300W TRANSISTOR AUDIO AMPLIFIER 300w stereo amplifier TEA2262 AVS08 AVS10 AVS08 abstract
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Abstract: R Serving The Electronic Industry Since 1982 Ordering at Dalbani is so easy Go to : Search & check stock Busque y revise nuestro inventario A (Search) Enter your Item number and click GO Entre el numero del producto y haga clicsobre GO The system will take you straight to the Item that you are looking for El sistema lo llevara directo al producto que busca B (Item Details) Click on the title or on the picture to see the item in details Para detalle ... Original

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str50092 pioneer PAL007A MX0842 TA8268HS PAL007 PAL007A RSN313H25 STK407-070B FN1016 STRG6153 UPC2581V PAL005A stk442-130 STK411-220E datasheet abstract
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BUH313D N/A Silicon NPN Diode

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BUH313D ST Microelectronics Si NPN Power BJT

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