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BUH313D Datasheet

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Abstract: rz7 SGS-THOMSON BUH313D CRT HORIZONTAL DEFLECTION HIGH VOLTAGE NPN FASTSWITCHING TRANSISTOR . , Junction Temperature 150 °C February 1991 7^237 0050470 L.24 1/5 289 BUH313D THERMAL DATA , Operating Areas Thermal Impedance BUH313D Derating Curves DC Current Gain 100 50 , 9 1.3 1.7 2.1 2.5 la2(A) 7=12=1237 005fi4fl0 262 3/5 291 BUH313D Switching Time Resistive Load , , f= frequency of oscillation during retrace. 4/5 292 7^237 0D56461 111 BUH313D Figure 1: Test -
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ISOWATT218 0G5047 7RE1237 0D564
Abstract: ICM Ib Ibm Ptot Tstg Tj February 1991 289 BUH313D THERMAL DATA Rthj-i Thermal , , duty cycle 1.5 % Safe Operating Areas Thermal Impedance 2/5 SGS-THOMSON 290 BUH313D , ! SGS-THOMSON 3/5 291 BUH313D Switching Time Resistive Load G C 32480 BASE DRIVE INFORMATION A , MOMSLIiOTRMSES 292 /= T SGS-THOMSON BUH313D Figure 1: Test Circuits for Dynamic Characterization. F -
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Abstract: isc Product Specification INCHANGE Semiconductor isc Silicon NPN Power Transistor BUH313D DESCRIPTION ·High Switching Speed ·High Voltage ·Built-in Integrated Diode APPLICATIONS ·Horizontal deflection stage in standard and high resolution Displays for TV's and monitors. ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS(Ta=25) SYMBOL PARAMETER VALUE UNIT VCBO Collector-Base Voltage 1300 V VCEO , BUH313D ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS TC=25 unless otherwise specified SYMBOL PARAMETER CONDITIONS INCHANGE Semiconductor
1300 3A IC 3A E 3A diode high voltage diodes TRANSISTOR 1300
Abstract: BU808DFI * BU810 * BUH313A BUH313D BUH315 A BUH315D BUH417 BUH515A BUH515D BUH517 BUH517D BUH715 A -
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64X16 led matrix TDA8172A TEA2037 12v 400W AUDIO AMPLIFIER tda2824s 12v 40w tda2040 ET9400 EF6801/04/05 CB12000 ISB12000 ISB9000 ISB18000
Abstract: p. BUH313* BUH313D BUH315 r BUH315D # BUH417 f B U H 515* 7^-B U H 5 1 5 D ^)^ BUH517* BUH715 -
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TEA6417 transistor 1201 1203 1205 500W TRANSISTOR AUDIO AMPLIFIER tda2050 bridge amplifier circuits remote control encoder decoder buh41 tda7294 AVS08 AVS10 110/220V TEA5702J TEA5703 TEA5705