BT139X-800E Datasheet

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BT139X-800E Philips Semiconductors Triacs sensitive gate Original
BT139X-800E Philips Semiconductors Triacs - Sensitive Gate Scan


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Abstract: -600G BT139X-800G TRIACS SOT186A BT139X-500E BT139X-600E BT139X-800E SENSITIVE GATE TRIACS -
BT134-500E BT134-600E BT136-500E BT150-600R BT136 triacs BT139-800 equivalent bt139 Triacs equivalent BR100/03 BR100/LLD BT134-500 BT134-600 BT134-800 BT134-500F
Abstract: 190 BT139X-500E BT139X-600E BT139X-800E S EN SITIVE G ATE TRIACS SO T186A 195 B T -
OCR Scan
BT 140-600 BT138F-600E 138F-600 139X-800G BT134-600F 134-800F BT134-500G BT134-600G 134-800G 134-500D
Abstract: -500E BT139X-600E BT139X-800E SOT186A February 1996 8 Philips Semiconductors Thyristors and -
BT139-600E BT136 600 equivalent BT136 BT137 BT139-600 equivalent b*137 BT137F-600 BT150 500R BT300-500 BT300-600 BT300-800 BT151F-500 BT151F-650 BT151F-800
Abstract: -600E BT139X-600F BT139X-600G BT139X-600H BT139X-800 BT139X-800E BT139X-800F BT139X-800G BT139X Philips Semiconductors
BT137-800 Triacs BTA208 600B 500D BTA208-600B equivalent bt134 sot428 BT131-500 BT131-600 BT132-500D BT132-600D BT134-500D BT134-600D
Abstract: -600E BT139X-600F BT139X-600G BT139X-600H BT139X-800 BT139X-800E BT139X-800F BT139X-800G BT139X-800H BT145 -
OCR Scan
BT136M-800 136S-600F 136S6 thyristor BT 161 triacs BT 412 BT thyristor T0252 BT134-800E BT134-800F BT134-800G BT134W-500 BT134W-500D BT134W-500E
Abstract: BT139X-500E BT139X-600E BT139X-800E SOT186A February 1996 19 | Philips Semiconductors -
OCR Scan
triacs bt 12 bt136 600e triacs bt 16 BT151F-B00 BT151X-500 BT151X-650 BT151X-800 BT151-500R BT151-650R
Abstract: -500G BT138X-600G BT138X-800G BT139X-500E BTI39X-600E BT139X-800E BT139X-500F BT139X-600F BT139X-800F BT139X -
OCR Scan
8T148W-400R BTA216-800E 8T134-600E BT136-6000 BT134-6000 BT1388-800E BT137S600E LG 500G BRI00/ BT168BW BT168DW BT168EW BT168GW BT169BW
Abstract: -600F BT139X-600G BT139X-600H BT139X-800 BT139X-800E BT139X-800F BT139X-800G BT139X-800H BT139X-S00G STMicroelectronics
T410-600D BTA16-600B equivalent BTA16 800BW equivalent BT137 equivalent BT134 equivalent BTA08-600C equivalent BTb12 equivalent 16TTS08S 25TTS08S 2N6071 2N6071A 2N6073 2N6073A
Abstract: with your usual sales contact) 3 = Standard availability Philips Type Number BT139X-800E BT145 STMicroelectronics
zo405mf triac ZO405MF BTA16-600b application motor control SCR tyn612 BTB16-600bw application motor control BTa16-600bw application motor control SE-16425 CH-1228 I-20090 I-40033 SL71Y I-00161