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Abstract: EPROM for Flat Piggyback Type T4773 T4773 Structure 32768 x 8 Supply Voltage (V) 4.5-5.5 Write Voltage (V) 12.5 Max. Power Dissipation (mA) Active I Stand-by 30 0.1 X44 Max. Access Time (ns) 250 Package LCC32 LCC32 Notes) EPROM writer connection adapter (BM1101) required, LCC: Leadless Chip Carrier. Serial E2PROM Type TC89101P TC89101P TC89102P TC89102P ` TC89112P TC89112P ·TC89113P TC89113P TC89121P/M TC89121P/M TC89122P/M TC89122P/M TC89121AP/AM TC89121AP/AM TC89122AP/AM TC89122AP/AM I/O Format Serial I/O l2C bus I/O Memory Size (bit ... OCR Scan

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92-QFP 100-QFP TMC17C T4773 T4773 abstract
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Abstract: TMP47C243/443N/F TMP47C243/443N/F EPROM T4773 T4773 27256A LCC32 LCC32 BM1101 TC57256AD TC57256AD Table 3. OTP microcontroller 9-17 2000-08-23 ... OCR Scan

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TLCS-470 TMP47C860AN tmp47p443n TMP47P443VM TMP47C800N TMP47C800F TMP47P800F TMP47C400BN tmp47p820vdf TMP47C038E TMP47P860VN tmp47p443- 27256a TMP47C620DF datasheet abstract
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Abstract: TMP47P443VN/M TMP47P443VN/M 27256A SDIP28/SOP28 SDIP28/SOP28 BM11100/BM11101 BM11100/BM11101 TMP47C243/443N/M TMP47C243/443N/M EPROM T4773 T4773 27256A LCC32 LCC32 BM1101 TC57256AD TC57256AD 6 ... OCR Scan

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TMP47C800F TMP47C415N TMP47P1637VN TMP47C241N TMP47C1270AN TMP47P1660VF TMM2732AD TMP47P443VM TMP47C840N TLCS-470 BM1130 TMP47C400 IC TB 1237 AN tmp*47c443n datasheet abstract
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Abstract: tmp91c642af TMP90PM40F ) 32768√-8 200 30 (mA) 0.1 LCC32 LCC32 EPROM (BM1101)LCC: 17 ... Original

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TMP87CH38N tmpa8700cmn eeprom TMP87pm34an TMP91C642AN TMP47E186M TMP88PS49F TMP90CK76DF tmp90ps74df TMP91PW18F TMP87CC31N TMP91CW18F TMP90CM37F TMP90C841AN tmp90ch42df datasheet abstract
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Abstract: 2 Q1875 Q1875 P ragm atic Trellis D ecoder Other QUALCOMM VLSI Products ¬∑ Viterbi Decoders - 256 Kbps to 25 Mbps Maximum Data Rates ¬∑ Dual Direct Digital Synthesizers (DDS) ¬∑ Phase Locked Loop (PLL) Frequency Synthesizers ¬∑ DDS and PLL Evaluation Boards ¬∑ VCOs QUALCOMM Incorporated VLSI Products Division 10555 Sorrento Valley Road San Diego, CA 92121-1617 USA Copyright ¬© 1992. QUALCOMM Incorporated. All rights reserved. Printed in the United States of America. QUALCOMM¬ģ is a registered tra ... OCR Scan

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tcm 8PSK 16-PSK 16PSK 4Kx8 rom qualcomm convolutional decoder Q1875 tcm 2911 16-ary 16psk block diagram QO256 16 PSK modulation Q1875 abstract
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Abstract: QUALCOMM ASIC PRODUCTS APPLICATIONS QUALCOMM ASIC Products provide complex solutions for a variety of wireless communications applications. · Cellular · Personal Communications Services (PCS) · Wireless Local Loop (WLL) · Satellite Communications · Direct Broadcast by Satellite (DBS) · Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) · RADAR · Digital Radio · Mobile Radio · Synthesizers · Voice Storage · Security · Instrumentation ADVANTAGES From high performance building blocks to complete "systems-on ... Original

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Viterbi oqpsk vsat iess-309 standard InMarSat demodulator intelsat scrambler Q1900 DBS Microwave q1900c-1s3 pinout qualcomm 1110 qualcomm convolutional decoder qualcomm msm 6 qualcomm MSM memory encoder puncture qualcomm Qualcomm DDS datasheet abstract
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Abstract: Q1900c Q1900C-1N Q1900C1S3 Q1900C-1S3 Forward Error Correction Data Book 80-24128-1 B APRIL 2000 Enabling the future of communications. Forward Error Correction Data Book 80-24128-1 B APRIL 2000 Enabling the future of communications. INCLUDED SECTIONS Q1900 Q1900 VITERBI/TRELLIS DECODER (Section 1) . 1 PERIPHERAL DATA MODE OPERATION OF THE Q1900 Q1900 APPLICATIONS NOTE (Section 2) . 83 SETTI ... Original

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encoder puncture qualcomm Setting Soft-Decision QUALCOMM Reference design BPSK demodulator 6 PTCM 8psk Demodulator 24128 Viterbi Trellis Decoder scrambler satellite v.35 viterbi decoder qualcomm convolutional decoder InMarSat demodulator datasheet abstract
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