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B59339-A1502-P20 Datasheet

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B59339-A1502-P20 Siemens Semiconductors Schaltkaltleiter

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Abstract: ,0 V V °C °C Rmin Ordering code 1500 2200 2200 B59339-A1502-P20 ... Original

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B59339-A1502-P20 siemens PTC thermistor B59342-A1502-P20 TPT0649-C B59339A1502P20 B59346-A1502-P20 datasheet abstract
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Abstract: 5000 5000 32 50 80 120 200 320 500 800 1200 2000 3200 115 150 190 B59339-A1502-P20 ... OCR Scan

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j285 B59403B60A40 B59339A1501P20 B59339-A1501-P20 J287 J283 J280 J289 B59402-B60-A40 B59403-B60-A40 B59404-B60-A40 B59405-B60-A40 B59406-B60-A40 B59414-B60-A40 B59402-B60-A40 abstract
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Abstract: j289 J290 1,8 2,0 V V °C °C Rmin Bestell-Nummer 1500 2200 2200 B59339-A1502-P20 ... Original

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weisser B59339-A1201-P20 B59339-A1202-P20 B59339-A1320-P20 B59339-A1321-P20 B59339-A1500-P20 B59339-A1800-P20 B59339-A1801-P20 B59342-A1502-P20 kaltleiter B59339-A1121-P20 B59339-A1501-P20 B59339-A1122-P20 B59339 B59339 abstract
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Abstract: 120 115 120 B59339-A1502-P20 B59342-A1502-P20 B59342-A1502-P20 B59346-A1502-P20 B59346-A1502-P20 B59339-A1500-P20 B59339-A1500-P20 ... Original

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smd a60 P1201-A120 t709 epcos T251 PTC p1115-a80 p1215 a120 EPCOS T251 P1315-A120 PTC T209 PTC C1250 epcos t209 epcos t209 mit Epcos T709 c1165 datasheet abstract
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Abstract: V23100-V9113-F204 v23077-a1007-a403 SFH 910 c4231 V23100-V9128-F206 Q67100-H6104 108-128-1 TAE4453A C42315-A68-A1- V23026-A1003-B201 B32110f V23106 C42315-A68-A31 v23082-A1005-A101 TCA 785 V23100-V7213-F104 V23100-W1224-A104 V23100-V7228-F110 . B59346A1502P20 B59346A1502P20 6.110.12 . B59339A1502P20 6.110.2 ... Original

82 pages,
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tda 6109 B32650 B57236S509M B57236-S509-M B57236S259M B57236S100M B57236S120M B57236S160M B57831M871A3 B57235S509M B57891M102K B57891M222K B57891M103K B57891M223K B57236S509M abstract
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Abstract: Page Contents Selector Guide Index of Types 5 9 17 General Technical Information 19 Data Sheets 41 Mounting Instructions Quality Environmental Protection, Climatic Conditions Taping and Packing Symbols and Terms Subject Index 161 167 173, 175 177 183 185 SCS on the Internet Creating new links er W vice W o rl d As of now you can tie up with Passive Components and Electron Tubes Group plus Siemens Matsushita Components on the Int ... Original

186 pages,
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compressor codes from MATSUSHITA PTC THERMISTOR FOR DEGAUSSING B59335 M155 B59012 siemens m155 thermistor siemens 3UN9 siemens 3un6 thermistor Q63100 siemens PTC thermistor relay siemens logo application examples siemens PTC thermistor compressor codes from MATSUA datasheet abstract
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Abstract: Contents Selector Guide Index of Types 5 9 17 General Technical Information 19 Data Sheets 41 Mounting Instructions Quality Environmental Protection, Climatic Conditions Taping and Packing Symbols and Terms Subject Index 175 185 191, 193 195 201 203 S +M Siemens Matsushita Components COMPONENTS Quality without compromises top with TQM We're not satisfied until you are. So our quality demands are quite tough. And they don't start in produc ... Original

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Q63100 ptc t170 ptc c885 thermistor PTC 1812 refrigerator PTC relay siemens 3UN9 siemens PTC thermistor relay 3un6 siemens PTC thermistor B59100 T100 siemens air pressure sensors DEGAUSSING ptc c811 siemens 3un6 thermistor datasheet abstract
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Abstract: Inhaltsverzeichnis Bauformen-Übersicht Seite 5 9 Allgemeine technische Angaben (Kaltleiter) 27 Kaltleiter-Bauformen 49 Allgemeine technische Angaben (Heißleiter) 177 Heißleiter-Bauformen Normierte R/T-Kennlinien 197 260 Einbauhinweise Qualität Umweltschutzmaßnahmen, Klimatische Hinweise 296 301 307 Gurtung und Verpackung Symbole und Begriffe Stichwortverzeichnis 310 315 317 Anschriftenverzeichnis 319 Vakatseite Thermistoren ... Original

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ptc C-861 relais datenbuch siemens stk 412 -770 ptc c975 59012 h 331 MATSUSHITA RELAIS siemens C1012 thermistor STK 412 770 din 74324 59013 h 331 C945 p 331 datasheet abstract
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B59339A1502P20 ptc.pdf#Page98 Switching Case type 160 48 120 80 J282 B59339A1800P20 B59339A1800P20 B59339A1800P20 B59339A1800P20 ptc.pdf#Page94 Switching
Siemens 18/06/1998 45.43 Kb SMC ptc.smc
Plastic case 265 7 115 5000 J29 B59339A1502P20 ptc_99.pdf#Page116 Switching Plastic case 160 48 120
Siemens 10/05/1999 37.33 Kb SMC ptc_99.smc