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PUMF11 T/R NXP Semiconductors NPN resistor-equipped transistor; PNP general purpose transistor ri Buy
PUMF12 T/R NXP Semiconductors PNP general purpose transistor; NPN resistor-equipped transistor ri Buy
BCV47,185 NXP Semiconductors BCV47 - NPN Darlington transistors ri Buy

B1566 transistor

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Abstract: points output, 5/12/24 VDC, 1A, transistor output (sink output) JW-203S JW-203S 8 points output, 100/200 VAC , ) JW-212S JW-212S 16 points output, 5/12/24 VDC, 0.5A, transistor output (sink output) JW-213S JW-213S 16 points output , 32 points output, 5/12/24 VDC, 0.1 A, transistor output (sink output, connector connection) JW-232M JW-232M 16 points input, 12/24 VDC 16 points output, 5/12/24 VDC, 0.1 A, transistor output (sink output , points output, 5/12/24 VDC, 0.1 A, transistor output (sink output, connector connection) JW-21HC JW-21HC High ... OCR Scan

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STR 11006 B1566 transistor re 04501 relay Re 04501 transistor B1204 B1370 transistor Transistor B1203 B1237 transistor transistor b1274 transistor b1134 B1273 transistor 13001 s 6d B1274 transistor JW20H JW20H abstract
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Abstract: Version 2.0 Produced in June 2001 R SProgrammable controller New Satellite JW Model name JW50H/70H/100H JW50H/70H/100H Programming Manual We would like to thank you fou your purchase of the SHARP JW50H/70H/100H JW50H/70H/100H Programmable Controller New Satellite. This manual (programming manual) describes the instruction words for the JW50H/70H/100H JW50H/70H/100H. Before using the JW50H/70H/100H JW50H/70H/100H, carefully read this manual, user's manual hardware version and any manuals supplied with the module that comprise the JW ... Original

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B1151 Y 2N 10261 b1367 re 04501 relay Re 04501 TRANSISTORS PNP 50 V 1 A B1443 datasheet abstract
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