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AWM6432 Anadigics 3.3-3.6 GHz WiMAX PowerAmplifier Module Original
AWM6432RM18P8 Anadigics 3.3-3.6 GHz WiMAX PowerAmplifier Module Original


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Abstract: Application Note Thermal Design for AWM6432 Rev 0 Relevant products · · AWM6432 AWM6431 OVERVIEW ANADIGICS' AWM6432 WiMAX Power Amplifier is a high performance device that delivers , application note addresses thermal design considerations for the AWM6432 by first measuring the , used. THERMAL CHARACTERIZATION AND ANALYSIS Thermal characterizations for the AWM6432 were performed on an open cavity device (no mold compound) that was mounted to an evaluation board. The AWM6432 is Anadigics
AN-0003 R3003 thermal analysis on pcb 858C
Abstract: AWM6432 3.3-3.6 GHz WiMAX PowerAmplifier Module PRELIMINARY DATA SHEET- Rev 1.1 FEATURES · , Surface Mount Module PRODUCT DESCRIPTION The ANADIGICS AWM6432 WiMAX Power Amplifier is a high , external component costs and facilitating circuit board designs. The AWM6432 is manufactured using , Figure 1: Functional Block Diagram 11/2006 RF Output Ground AWM6432 VCC 1 12 VCC , AWM6432 ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS Table 2: Absolute Minimum and Maximum Ratings PARAMETER MIN Anadigics
OFDM modulation EN301-021
Abstract: than WiFi to supply robust link at high data rates. WiMAX supports mul- Fig. 1. Anadigics' AWM6432 , PAs. For instance, Anadigics' AWM6432 power amplifier module (figure 1) is currently being used in , designs. As an example, consider two PAs: one Class AB (based on our AWM6432), and one Class A. Each -
2.4 ghz transistor wifi amplifier cpe wimax wifi transmitter block diagram
Abstract: +6 27 Y Y AWM6432 3400 ­ 3600 4.5 x 4.5 x 1.4 +26 19 2.5 +6 26 Y Anadigics
AWB7220 AWB6262 802.11a Amplifier Power Amplifier MMIC 2.6 GHz AWT6388 t6221 AWT6302 AGB3300 AGB3301 AGB3302 AGB3303
Abstract: 305 @ +24 dBm 4.5 x 4.5 AWM6432 3.5 ­ 3.8 2.5% @ +24 dBm 26 6 305 @ +24 dBm Anadigics
AWL9230 AIT1032 ACA0862 Transistor, Power Amplifier Apps ABA3101 ait1010 ACA0862D AWL6254 ANADBB1002
Abstract: AWM6430 3300 ­ 3600 4.5 x 4.5 x 1.4 +24 14 2.5 +6 27 Y Y AWM6432 3500 ­ Anadigics
aba3116 AWL9565 AWB7221 alt6701 ARA2250 AWL9555 AIT1062 ANAD2010