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Abstract: Semiconductor, Inc. 8-19 Characteristics subject to change without notice C AT28F512V5/C AT28F512V5I , performance and reliability. 8-21 C AT28F512V5/C AT28F512V5I Preliminary D.C. OPERATING CHARACTERISTICS , output buffer but may not be valid. 5108 FHD F04 8-23 C AT28F512V5/C AT28F512V5I Preliminary A.C , _J \ 8-27 C AT28F512V5/C AT28F512V5I Preliminary Random Access Sector Erase The CAT28F512V5/CAT28F512V5I , the device. 5114 FHD FIO 8-29 C AT28F512V5/C AT28F512V5I Preliminary Sequential Sector Erase -
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CX825 512K-B CAT28F512 28F512V5-12 28F512V5I-12 28F512V5-15 28F512V5I-15
Abstract: C AT28F512V5/C AT28F512V5I Sequential Sector Erase During the first Write operation, the command , VERIFY PROGRAMMING COMMAND C AT28F512V5/C AT28F512V5I operation, and the device is reset to the , outputbuffer, not bevalid. 8-23 C AT28F512V5/CAT28F512V5I A.C. CHARACTERISTICS, Program/Erase , WE (E) OE (G) _ / CE (W) DATA (I/O) CAT28F512V5/C AT28F512V5I Preliminary -
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CAT28F512V5/CAT28 28F512V5-20 28F512V5I-20
Abstract: JAN * ia*A 2231 CALLE DE LUNA, SANTA CURA, CA 95054 Telephone: (408) 748-7700 C AT28F512V5 512K Bit (64Kx8) CMOS FLASH MEMORY Advanced DESCRIPTION The CAT2SF512V5 is a high speed 6-iK x 8-bit Flash erasable and electrically reprogrammable memory, iceaily suited for systems requiring onboard coce updates. Trie 5T2 K memory is divided into 32 sectors of 2K bytes each. Tne CAT2SF512V5 features "Sector Erase" by which the user can selectively erase any one or all of the 2K byte sectors. This will enhance -
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2SF512 AT28F512 CICO NO 2