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Abstract: AP4380-2000 & AP4380-2001 AP4380-2001 MODEL Benefits n Eliminates Ground Loops with 1500V , scaling and transmitting analog DC signals. The AP4380-2000 will accept input voltage spans from 10mV up , Table 1: AP4380-2000/2001 Input Ranges Voltage* Input Range Selector Current* (SW1) ON , split range current inputs (e.g. 4-12mA, 12-20mA). Table 2: AP4380-2000 Output Ranges Range , Selector (SW2) 5 6 1 2 3 4 5 6 Span Zero Top Bottom Figure 1: AP4380-2000 I/O card factory ... Original

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438-0200 eurotherm AP4382 0-1mA 0.5V 4-20mA 0.5V 721-0545-00-L 0-10V signal isolator 4380-2000 AP4380-2001 action instruments ap4380 AP4380-2000 AP4380 AP4380-2000 abstract
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Abstract: Action PAKĀ® AP4380 AP4380 DC Input, Field Configurable Isolator AP4380-2000 (100Vdc max) AP4380-2001 AP4380-2001 , signals. The AP4380-2000 will accept input voltage spans from 10mV up to 100 volts, as well as input , desired maximum output. 4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for best accuracy. Table 1: AP4380-2000/2001 Input , Table 2: AP4380-2000 Output Ranges (SW1) ON Input Range Selector Range* 0 to 10V 0 to 5V 0 to 1mA , Figure 1: AP4380-2000 I/O card factory calibration: 4-20mA input and output(shown sideways to view ... Original

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power supply LED 3w M008-A 4380-2000 action instruments ap4380 4-20mA 0.5V Eurotherm inc 741-F AP4380-2001 AP4380-2000 AP4380 AP4380 0000 AP4380 abstract
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Abstract: (0-5V, 0-10V) DC Current (0-1mA, 4-20mA) AP4380-2000 Isolator (1 Ch) AP4390-0 AP4390-0 000 Isolator ... Original

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Q488 Q406-A002 AP4003 q406 transistor V437-3000-1 Q425 IP51-3000 AP7380 RTD SENSING CIRCUIT 4-20mA AP1090 AP4380 AP6380 q476 AP1280 datasheet abstract
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