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AME431BAJETA25Z Datasheet

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AME431BAJETA25Z AME, Inc. Adjustable Precision Shunt Regulator

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Abstract: AME431BAJETA25L AME431BAJETA25L BAFww 2.5V 0.5% TSOT-23 TSOT-23 - 40oC to + 125oC AME431BAJETA25Z BAFww 2.5V ... Original

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zener diode marking 4x 409 Marking Code sot 89 AME1117 AME12 241 SOT-23 AME431B AME431BBJETA12 sot-23 Marking c1 MARKING 431B SOT-23 PS521 SOT23 voltage regulator 10V 431B 431B to92 datasheet AME431B abstract
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Abstract: Number Marking* AME431BAJETA25Z BAFww 2.5V 0.5% SOT-23 - 40oC to 125oC ... Original

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AME1117 AME431 AME431B AME431BAJATA25Z AME431BAJATA25Z-1 LA 4750 n PS521 A431B AME431BBJETB25Z AME25 ame25 431b ajatb AME431B-2 AME431B-2 abstract
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Abstract: * AME431BAJETA25Z BAFww 2.5V 0.5% SOT-23 - 40oC to +125oC AME431BAJETA25Y AME431BAJETA25Y BAFww 2.5V 0.5% ... Original

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sop8 Package dimension PS521 AME431BBJETB25Z AME431B AME1117 ame25 431b ajatb AME431B-2 AME431B-2 abstract
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Abstract: Diodes, Inc. - Cross Reference Industry Part Diodes, Inc. Equivalent Diodes, Inc. Nearest 1.5CE120C 5CE120C 1.5KE120CA 5KE120CA N/A 1.5CE120CA 5CE120CA 1.5KE120CA 5KE120CA N/A 1.5CE12A 5CE12A 1.5KE12A 5KE12A N/A 1.5CE12C 5CE12C 1.5KE12CA 5KE12CA N/A 1.5CE12CA 5CE12CA 1.5KE12CA 5KE12CA N/A 1.5CE13 5CE13 1.5KE13A 5KE13A N/A 1.5CE130 5CE130 1.5KE130A 5KE130A N/A 1.5CE130A 5CE130A 1.5KE130A 5KE130A N/A 1.5CE130C 5CE130C 1.5KE130CA 5KE130CA N/A 1.5CE130CA 5CE130CA 1.5KE130CA 5KE130CA N/A 1.5CE13A 5CE13A 1.5KE13A 5KE13A N/A 1.5CE13C 5CE13C 1.5KE13CA 5KE13CA N/A 1.5CE13CA 5CE13CA 1.5KE13CA 5KE13CA N/A 1.5CE15 5CE15 1.5KE15A 5KE15A N/A 1.5CE150 5CE150 1.5KE150A 5KE150A N/A 1.5CE150A 5CE150A 1 ... Original

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P5504EDG equivalent 5CE120C 5KE120CA 5CE120CA 5CE12A 5KE12A 5CE12C 5KE12CA 5CE12CA 5CE13 5KE13A 5CE130 5KE130A 5CE130A 5CE120C abstract
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Diodes, Inc. Cross Reference Results

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